Have You Ever Made a Girl Squirt?

Being friends with lots of couples sometimes means hearing sex stories from both sides, which sometimes leads to some very interesting findings.

As you can imagine, this is rather useful, considering real life accounts are much more fun to write about.

The most recent finding, though, has got me a little perplexed so I thought I’d instead take it to the sex.com community to act as my little sociology experiment in the form of a couple polls.

So here’s the story: after my friend made his girlfriend squirt for the first time last week, he told me that he found it the grossest thing he’d ever experienced and he hoped it would never happen again. She, on the other hand, rushed over to tell me that it was the best orgasm she’d ever had and wanted to find out how to do it again.

Now I know there’s a huge squirting porn fanbase, as Chico said in the article he posted on how to make a woman squirt a couple months ago, but my friend’s reaction to the whole thing led me to wonder: do most men find squirting gross? How many men have actually managed to achieve this thing that most people believe to be impossible? And would they suck it up and strive for it anyway if they knew it gave their girlfriend the best orgasm ever?

We all know that some women who don’t like the taste of semen will frequently swallow anyway, because it makes their partners feel good, but would guys be willing to exact the same courtesy? (Not in swallowing female ejaculation but in trying to get a woman there)

So, anyway, answer the polls below and help me with my little experiment.

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Published on: June 2, 2014

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