Everybody Be Twerking to the New Danny Brown

Danny Brown

Detroit’s Favorite Son Danny Brown

 Danny Brown has been one of our favorite rappers ever since we saw the video for Cyclops. And then XXX came out and blew us away. But what’s up with Danny these days? Well, he’s been working on his new album Old.

Yesterday we got a taste of what to expect from the new Danny Brown, produced by Trampy and it’s fucking amazing.

The song is called Express Yourself and the self-expression he’s talking about applies to ladies twerking. Let’s have a listen:

I’m happy to report that the new Danny Brown about twerking has everybody twerking.


So you’ve heard the song, you know it makes people twerk, but how does one twerk? Well, just watch this video and you should be all set to twerk to Express Yourself:

Why is it important to twerk? Well, asses are super hot right now. Hotter than boobs.

Asses can just do more than boobs and twerking is a perfect example of that. Asses have always been known to shake and clap but twerking is like the pinnacle of ass-gyration, whereas boobs are relegated to just hang there. You can’t shake your titties like you can shake your ass.

Anyways, Danny Brown‘s new twerking is awesome and I hope you all get to do some twerking this weekend.

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Published on: April 5, 2013

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