Faking Orgasms Can Be A Good Thing, Says New Study


Fake it ’til you make it.

A new study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior has finally found that faking orgasms can be a positive thing. Before you burn me at the stake for heresy, allow me to explain.

Based on self-reports from 481 straight women, the study found that there are four basic reasons for faking orgasms. Women fake orgasms…

  1. To protect their partner’s feelings.
  2. To avoid awkward or negative moments.
  3. To increase their own arousal during sex.
  4. To get it over with already.

Normally when we think of faking orgasms, we think of disappointment. We’ve failed our female companions by not giving them an orgasm. But that’s not always the case! Sometimes women fake orgasms in order to get off!

It makes sense that faking an orgasm would help women achieve a real orgasm because is there anything more erotic than the breathy “Yes! Yes! Yes!” or “Oh God! Oh God!” or “Ay papi!” or “Ooooooh. Oooooh. Oooooh,” that women do when faking an orgasm? The answer is obviously no there isn’t.

One could also look at the performance of a fake orgasm creates an intimate moment, in the sense that it’s done to comfort the woman’s partner. And as we all know, comfort with a sexual partner is the key to closing the orgasm gap.

So ladies, don’t feel guilty if you have to fake an orgasm. It might help you have a real orgasm in the end.

And guys, if she’s faking an orgasm, she’s doing it for both of you. So don’t complain or feel bad.

Just goes to show you that the old “Fake it ’til you make it” adage is the secret to success in life.

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Published on: March 26, 2014

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