Fall Under Nicole Aniston’s Spell


Nicole Aniston

In my experience, coming home to a beautiful woman waiting for you when you’re not expecting one can only mean trouble.

There are so many questions like, “Who are you?”, “What are you doing here?”, “Have you been sent to kill me?” that you need to ask before you are gagged and thrown into a van.

Yes, if you ever walk in to your home and find a beautiful woman, you should be very afraid. Unless of course that beautiful woman happens to be Nicole Aniston. In which case, I recommend just letting yourself fall under Nicole Aniston’s spell.

Why does Nicole Aniston get special treatment?

Well, she’s stunningly sexy and her spell is cast by performing a striptease and playing with herself. Sounds good, right? Let’s get a taste of what it’s like to fall under Nicole Aniston’s spell with these amazing pictures courtesy of Twisty’s


It really doesn’t get any better than a nude Nicole Aniston.

Nicole, please feel free to break into my home and surprise me with one of your “spells” any time.

Of course, this is just a taste of what can be found on Twisty’s.

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Published on: November 26, 2013

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