Farrah Abraham Blows It With Debut Single


Farrah Abraham, blowing it as usual.

If there’s one thing I know about Farrah Abraham, it’s that she refuses to accept the fact that she has no talent and will never be famous for anything other than a teen pregnancy and pretending the porn she starred in was a real sex tape.

I also know that she’s totally insane. So two things I know about Farrah Abraham.

After the underwhelming release of her second “sex tape”, Farrah Abraham has given up trying to become a celebrity by doing porn and reality TV and is now trying to make it in the music industry.

Yes. Farrah Abraham is a singer now. Her debut single is called “Blowin”, which is a poor title choice for anyone that wants to disassociate themselves from a brief stint in porn because all it makes me think of is that one time when she was blowin James Deen. 

Listen to “Blowin” by Farrah Abraham right here:

Terrible right?

I wonder if they decided not to mix it properly because Farrah’s voice and lyrics are so bad that making them clearer would have only highlighted the songs awfulness? If I was her producer, that’s definitely what I would have done.

Also…does anyone think it’s significant that the song is about how being a celebrity is more important than being yourself? That it’s as important as breathing? Farrah, your priorities are totally fucked up.

Another thought…When do you think Farrah Abraham will tell the media that she’s not a musician? That it’s totally outlandish that she could be considered a musician because she only released one terrible song. That same excuse worked for being labelled a pornstar.

I never thought Farrah Abraham would ever make something so bad that we’d have to watch her original “sex tape” to cleanse our palettes…but here we are.

Just watch Farrah Abraham’s “sex tape” again and remember that this song would have never seen the light of day if it hadn’t been for this damn tape.

Every time I do a blog post about Farrah Abraham, my will to live plummets. And after listening to “Blowin” a few times, I definitely do not want to live anymore.

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Published on: March 17, 2014

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