Farrah Abraham Caught in “Sex Tape” Lie


Farrah Abraham!

On last night’s episode of Couple’s Therapy, Farrah Abraham (who is not in a relationship but could definitely use some therapy) was caught red handed lying about her “sex tape”.

During a group therapy session, Farrah Abraham was pouring her heart out about how her sex tape has traumatized her. From months her story has been that she and world’s most famous male pornstar James Deen were dating (despite the fact that everyone knows James Deen and Stoya are dating). Farrah claimed that James Deen filmed the sex tape and leaked it behind her back.

However, James Deen made it clear in April 2013 that the whole thing was a scheme in his interview with WetPaint. And though the facts of what actually happened are readily available, Farrah Abraham keeps sticking to her story.

Until last night’s Couple’s Therapy where Farrah slipped up. Another group member asked her why there was a camera crew if it really was a homemade video, to which Abraham responds, “No there was not, there was only me and the camera person.”

It’s the most awkward thing you’ll see. I suggest you watch it:

So Farrah Abraham is either 100% delusional or just an insane liar. Either way, I hope that this little slip up is the end of Farrah Abraham.

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Published on: January 24, 2014

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  • http://www.clubglamour.net/ CG

    I think the appropriate response is… dumbass :)

  • http://www.clubglamour.net/ CG

    tw did you receive my e-mail?

  • Dude

    She’s a psycho. She was not dating James Deen. I really wish she would shoot herself in the head.

  • dx


  • http://sukutandyasin.blogfa.com yas

    ohhhh may daf sex girl

  • chickenbiggle

    Please make more you stupid bitch! lol

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  • Emja

    This was getting really exciting until I hooked up my earphones and then discovered the youtube vid was pulled. I’m :(

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