Farrah Abraham Continues To Lie About Sex Tape

Farrah Abraham sex tape

Farrah Abraham

Do you guys remember when Dana Dearmond (@danadearmond) tweeted:

The hashtags and the time should be a dead giveaway that Dana Dearmond wasn’t being self-deprecating, she was taking a shot at Farrah Abraham.

Why would Dana Dearmond go after Farrah Abraham? Because Dana Dearmond is a pornstar and pornstars don’t like celebrities who make sex tapes.

Think about it. What if some pseudo-celebrity walked in to your place of work, did your job worse than you, but got tons of attention from everyone because they were doing your job and they got paid more than you. That would piss you off right? Well, that’s what happens when a celebrity makes a “sex tape”.

I empathize with the frustration over celebrity sex tapes because I too am fed up with celebrity sex tapes. Not because they devalue the jobs of hardworking pornstars, what gets me is the public deception and blatant lies that come with celebrity sex tapes.

Check out this excerpt from Farrah Abraham’s latest interview with Michael Musto:              

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 4.29.58 PM

Lies. Lies. All lies.

As far as celebrity sex tapes go, the only one that was actually leaked to the public without any intervention from PR people was the Pamela Anderson sex tape.

Just read with quote from Jessica Drake via the Daily Beast on celebrity sex tapes:

“Now it is not an accidental thing. It is something that is so incredibly contrived that you have these people with these floundering careers and their PR people are actually suggesting that they make these sex tapes. Then you have companies that are offering pseudocelebrities a certain amount of money to make sex tapes.”

I can only assume that Farrah Abraham craved the attention and publicity and sought out the sex tape to reinvigorate her career. I mean think about it, she let MTV cameras film her unexpected, teenage pregnancy. If that doesn’t scream media whore, I don’t know what does.

And if Jessica Drake didn’t convinced you, maybe Kayden Kross will convince you:

“I think every time a celebrity accidentally releases a sex tape it is amazing the mainstream media hasn’t picked up on what a lie that is….To me it is the cheapest and stupidest trick when they are pretending they aren’t porn stars…No one has sex like that with all those exact right angles for the camera and not a single weird face.”

Unfortunately, the whole sex tape scheme has worked out for Farrah Abraham. It’s given her enough media attention that she’s going to have her own reality TV show again called Finding Farrah. So lame.

Celebrity sex tapes are a tried and true method of getting someone back on the C-List. Sometimes even the A-List (what up, Kim Kardashian?). Next time you hear of a sex tape that’s about to leak, think about the person starring in the sex tape because not only does it take away from the professional pornstars we know and love, it’s a stunt designed to deceive you.

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  • http://logicversusemotion.blogspot.com Eroscott

    In my article about MILF’s I linked the Farrah Abraham tape. I watched it. It was professionally done. I’ve seen other “celebrity” sex tapes: fuzzy recording, dark, no clear language, etc. Ms. Abraham made a professional video of herself having sex. Kayden Kross had it exactly right.

    Not convinced, check out some of the homemade, amateur, wife, husband films, posts I’ve made at sex.com/Eroscott. (Mostly in my board, “Pussy Fucking Videos”.) You’ll see the difference between a professionally done video and an amateur one.

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