“Farrah Abraham Is Not A Pornstar,” Says Farrah Abraham


Farrah “Not a Pornstar” Abraham

In a recent interview with a UK publicationTeen Mom turned pornstar Farrah Abraham was asked what she considers to be the craziest rumor she’s ever heard about herself.

Shockingly, Farrah Abraham said, ”

“I think the most unbelievable rumor that has ever been said about me, and is still said, is that I’m a porn star when I’m not. It is a pet-peeve, but I just don’t listen to it.”

“I think it’s outlandish that people think that of me.”


The craziest rumor Farrah Abraham has ever heard about herself is that she’s a pornstar?

I wonder why people think she’s a pornstar. Maybe it was because of that porno she made where she had anal sex with the world’s most popular male pornstar?

Remember the video I’m talking about? In case you don’t, watch it right now:

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Sex Video brought to you by PornHub

When you star in your very own porn movie, like Farrah Abraham did, is it really that outlandish that people label you a pornstar?

Not only did she star in her very own porn movie, she’s also got her own line of sex toys coming out. Her ass and vagina were molded and mass-produced so that men can have simulated sex with Farrah Abraham. You know the only people that get their own line of sex toys with their physical likeness? Pornstars.

I’m curious to know what the general consensus on what Farrah Abraham’s profession is. You already know that I think she’s a bonafide pornstar no matter what she says, but what do you guys think?

Thanks for voting y’all!

Hopefully your votes will finally help her accept herself.

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Published on: December 13, 2013

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