Farrah Abraham: Pornstar Turned Football Player?


When is the Farrah Abraham-Football sex tape coming out?

According to old labor data, the average American will have roughly seven careers in their lifetime.

Farrah Abraham has already had two: reality TV star and pornstar.

As many of you already know, Farrah Abraham has recently been desperate to put her career as a pornstar behind her. But in order to truly move on from a previous career, you need to find another career to fill the void left by your previous one (this is especially true if you’re a pornstar).

Thankfully, Farrah Abraham has found a new career she seems passionate about and it doesn’t involve getting F’d in the A on a regular basis. It appears that Farrah Abraham is moving on from porn so that she can be a football player!

Does that sound too ridiculous to be true? Well here are the pictures to prove it:      

Oh dear…

Something tells me that Farrah Abraham’s football career isn’t going to be great for two reasons:

Number 1, she’s totally under dressed for professional football.

Number 2, she’s playing football on the beach instead of on grass.

You know, these pictures really make me wonder why she’s so resistant to being a full-time pornstar. Her “sex tape” was hugely popular and she’s since invested in new boobs, which is a common career move for up-and-coming pornstars.

Plus, she’s a total natural! I mean even as she’s training for her professional football career, she still can’t help trying to suck off a vaguely phallic ball:

image208 copy

And how do you expect me to forget about her “sex tape” when she’s presenting her ass like this?

image207 copy

C’mon Farrah Abraham, who are you kidding?

You’re not a professional football player! You’re a pornstar!

Just own it already. Yeah the average American will switch careers seven times but if you excel at a career and demonstrate a natural ability, you should pursue that career for at least a little while. Even if that particular career is being a pornstar…

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Published on: January 22, 2014

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