The Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Fallout

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham

I really hope that this is the last Farrah Abraham post ever on the Blog. 

For months, we’ve been jerked around by Vivid and TMZ to care about an MTV reality star making a porn movie simply because they called it a sex tape.

I was lucky enough to stream the Farrah Abraham sex video for free on before it was taken down. As I’ve said before, it’s nothing special. If she really did make 2 million dollars to have sex and anal sex with James Deen, I think Vivid made a poor investment because it is by no means fun or exciting to watch.

But that’s just my opinion. If you haven’t seen the uncensored photos from the sex tape (which is actually a professional porn movie) click here to see them.

Those photos will help you decide if it’s a porn movie you’d like to see.

But I’m not here to talk about whether or not Farrah Abraham’s sex video is any good or not. I’m here to talk about the fallout from the sex video.

After a few tearful interviews, denouncing James Deen for revealing that their movie wasn’t a personal and private keepsake, and crashing the Vivid site because there was just too many people trying to download or stream the sex tape, what will Farrah Abraham do now? What is the fallout from filming this porn movie?

Well last Thursday, Farrah Abraham was spotted at a hookah lounge in Los Angeles with pornstar and glamor model Riley Jensen.

Riley Jensen Farrah Abraham

Riley Jensen and Farrah Abraham

Riley Jensen Farrah Abraham

Riley Jensen and Farrah Abraham

Hanging out with pornstars after filming a porn movie is usually signifies that you’ve been initiated into the pornstar club.

However, I’m reluctant to believe that Farrah Abraham is now a pornstar just because she was photographed with Riley Jensen sexily exhaling smoke into her mouth. That’s because Riley Jensen doesn’t do porn anymore. She retired in February to focus on more mainstream modelling.

A Riley Jensen-Farrah Abraham sex tape would be infinitely better than the one that currently exists because Riley Jensen is the hottest, but I wouldn’t expect anything to happen specifically with Riley Jensen. Who knows though, maybe Farrah has been enticed by her night fame and now that her 15 minutes is almost up, she’ll become a full pornstar as a means of maintaining her fame.

I really hope that this is the case, not because I think she’s sexy or would make a particularly good pornstar, but the other possible fallout from her sex tape would be extremely troubling.

TMZ spotted Farrah Abraham buying pregnancy tests…Yeah…Pregnancy tests…

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham shopping for pregnancy tests

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham buying a pregnancy test

In the video, James Deen doesn’t wear a condom and although he pulls out for the cumshot, the pull-out method is not very effective at preventing pregnancy. Farrah Abraham meanwhile was not on any birth control and James Deen is reportedly the only person she’s had sex with in at least a year.

I don’t know about you guys but the thought of Farrah Abraham getting pregnant is absolutely horrifying. First of all, the only reason anybody knows her was because she was on Teen Mom an MTV show that showcases irresponsible, sexually active teens who got pregnant. The fact that she didn’t learn the importance of birth control and safe sex from her experience on the show is absolutely shocking. How dumb can a person get?

The second reason for why this is absolutely terrifying is that a person could be born as a result of this publicity stunt and cash grab by Vivid and TMZ. That’s no way to bring a person into the world.

Hopefully this is just a sick joke planned by Vivid or TMZ to squeeze the very last ounce of life out of this story. Either way, I’m sick of hearing about and writing about Farrah Abraham and her fake sex tape.

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  • Ring-a-Ding-Dong

    Pregnant with James Deen baby? Yeah fucking right. If she is, she is the dumbest chick in the world.

  • bobby

    that riley jensen sure is fly

  • DumbDumb

    Not only that but she also stated on TMZ that she thought James Deen had a small penis. honestly who the fuck cares

  • Chico Dusty

    Possibly. If anything we can use her irresponsibility as an argument for why we need better sex education for everyone. Young and old.

  • Chico Dusty

    She is so fly!

  • Chico Dusty

    I’ve yet to talk to anyone who cares. But it’s still a big deal for some reason. Who the fuck cares?

  • Mr. Big

    I care. I care the fuck out of this.

  • Chico Dusty


  • Big D

    I for one loved the tape. I normally watch porn on free sites…but this I actually paid for

  • Chico Dusty

    Good for you! We need to pay for porn every once and a while if it’s ever going to last at this quality.