Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Sequel Coming Soon


Are you freaking kidding me?

After telling every tabloid in America that her sex tape ruined her life and getting caught in a lie on national television, Farrah Abraham has a brand new sex tape coming out on February 13th, 2014.


Farrah Abraham’s second “sex tape” will be called Farrah 2: Backdoor and More, which I guess means Farrah will be doing anal again and more? The image you see above this text is the only visuals available from the video. Perhaps the “More” refers to the sex-swing that Farrah Abraham seems to be tangled up in.

Obviously it’s extremely frustrating to hear a new Farrah Abraham sob-story every week about how awful pornography is, how she’s not a pornstar, and how her life has been ruined by chasing fame only to have her release a brand new porn video. At least this time around Vivid has finally dropped the whole “leaked” story and are finally willing to say that Farrah Abraham is more pornstar than celebrity.

We have learned there isn’t anything shy about Farrah,” Vivid Entertainment CEO Steve Hirsch told the site.  “She repeatedly tells the media she’s not a porn star, but she sure acts like one both on and off the screen.”

I  hope that people would figure out the whole thing was fake if a second “leaked” “sex tape” starring James Deen and Farrah Abraham. It’s better this way. Even though it’s still terrible.

Farrah 2: Backdoor and More comes out next Thursday and I’ll be sure to share any photos or trailers that are made available until then so please make sure to check this sex blog every single day.

In the meantime, just look at this picture of Farrah Abraham in a sex wing and ask yourself, “Do we really need any more Farrah Abraham in our lives?”


Farrah 2

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  • chickenbiggle

    Finally. :)

  • Jordan

    I think she’s fairly attractive but her personality is a mood killer and annoying. But she’s not too bad looking or in bed. She should just say she is a pornstar though. Take the octomom approach lol.

  • Dani

    it’s not really new stuff. It’s footage from the first shoot they didn’t use

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