Fetish Friday – Sploshing

Domino is a stripper, camgirl, and phone sex operator but she also runs and writes The Domino Effect (dominoxxx.com).
To help us explore all the weird fetishes of the world, she’s brought her weekly feature “Fetish Friday” to the Sex.com Blog. Enjoy!

This Fetish Friday’s article is going to be quick and dirty. No pun intended. The topic is sploshing, also known as “wet and messy”.

Sploshing refers to sex or sexual play that revolves around the use of food or food products, like chocolate sauce, ketchup and peanut butter. It can also involve non-food items, like mud, lotion or paint.

I think it’s safe to assume that water, baby oil, and milk can also be included in this fetish. For some reason, the sight of milk dripping down someone’s body has always freaked me out.

Then again, I can’t drink out of the same milk glass as another person, so maybe it’s just one of my many quirks. The messy stuff can be anywhere on the body, especially the face.

As camgirls, we sometimes get guys that like us to pie ourselves in the face or sit on cakes (as you may have seen in “The United States of Tara”). This type of play would fall under WAM. “You Can’t Do That On Television” must’ve been a wet dream for sploshing fetishists because of all the sliming. Ok, too many puns for me for one day… I’m leaving now.

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Published on: February 15, 2013

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