Finally! Some Emily Ratajkowski Pictures Worth Posting.

Oh Emily. So glad you’re back.

You might be wondering…where did Emily Ratajkowski go? It sure didn’t seem like she went anywhere. In fact, she totally blew up. Pulling in that Sports Illustrated money, know what I mean?

Well that’s the whole point. She didn’t go anywhere but up. Over the course of last year, Emily Ratajkowski’s profile grew higher and higher to the point where it looked like she would never pose nude again.

That’s what happens with models like Emily Ratajkowski. They get their big break in the buff and all of a sudden when they’re the hottest ticket in town, they’re too good to flash a little bit of tit.

As you know, I’ve never met Emily Ratajkowski. But those who have say that she’s real smart and sweet. Of course, whenever I heard that description of Emily I’d roll my eyes in frustration. Smart enough to use her naked body and big tits to get everyone’s attention but not sweet enough to continue getting undressed once she starts cashing big, fat cheques.

Things looked grim for fans of a nude Emily Ratajkowski since she spent the better part of the winter in boring photo shoot after boring photo shoot.

But I’m happy to announce that Emily Ratajkowski is getting topless again!

I’m not sure where they’re from or what they’re for, but who cares? Emily Ratajkowski nude in the shower is all I need to see to be totally on board for whatever this is. So please, be thankful that Emily is smart enough to get her big break taking her clothes off and sweet enough to continue taking off her clothes even though she can totally get jobs where nudity is not a requirement.

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Published on: April 9, 2014

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