Fundawear: The Future of Foreplay?


App Controlled Underwear for arousal? Sure, why not?

Would you wear underwear made by a condom company? The answer is obviously no because you should not be wearing underwear in the first place. Always go commando.

However, Durex has developed a new kind of underwear called Fundawear (get it? “Fun-underwear” or “Fun-to-wear”) and they believe it will be the future of foreplay.

But what’s so fun about Durex’s Fundawear?

Fundawear is the first ever combination of underwear and sex toy all controlled via your smartphone.

Now that may sound complicated but it’s really quite simple. Fundawear is just a vibrating pair of underwear (bras, panties, and briefs) that’s controlled remotely by your partner’s smartphone app.

Make sense? If not, we can just watch the first ever live trial:

Seems like it could be fun to wear…

However, Fundawear‘s focus is only on foreplay for long distance couples. Don’t get me wrong, foreplay is important and it should never be skipped when you’re having actual sex.

But is internet-foreplay really necessary? Maybe? It’s hard to say because it’s not yet available.

Foreplay is the precursor to sex, not the main even itself. That’s why I’m not sold on Fundawear just yet. It might work really well in conjunction with LovePalz, the interactive sex toy that simulates real sex over the internet.

My other hesitation towards Fundawear is that it seems more pleasurable to women than men. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Ladies have to get theirs. Having vibrations sent to my scrotum seems more uncomfortable than pleasurable. Maybe that’s just me.

Durex seems to be banking on the idea that Fundawear will be the future of foreplay. I’m not convinced it is. What’s undeniable though is that with Durex throwing their resources into developing an online, interactive sex toy, we are going to be seeing a lot more of them. Online, interactive sex toys are the way of the future.

Soon we’ll be able to have completely digital sex. No more unsanitary touching, fluid transferring or uncomfortable cuddling. Like the way they have sex in Demolition Man:

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Published on: April 19, 2013

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