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In March 2013, Bill Gates launched a campaign called the “Condom Challenge“.

The current problem with condoms is that they have been pretty much the same for hundreds of years. To ensure that lives are saved by having safer sex, the Gates Foundation offered a grant worth $100,000 to anyone who could come up with a sexy new redesign for condoms. After reviewing 500 submissions, the Gates Foundation has found 11 grant-worthy proposals for a new condom.

In other words, say goodbye to those regular, old condoms you hate so much because sexy, new condoms are coming very soon!

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for development of all the new condom designs to be underway before we can know more about them. But the Gates Foundation did reveal two new designs they are currently funding. Want to know more? 

The first of the two new condoms comes from Benjamin Strutt and a team from Cambridge Design Partnership in the UK. Their design for a new male condom features a condom made out of a composite material that will provide a universal fit designed to gently tighten during intercourse. They believe that the tightening effect of their condom design will enhance sensation and reliability.

Personally, when I see “tightening” and “condom” in the same sentence all I can think of condoms ripping. But hopefully that doesn’t happen because enhanced sensation and reliability sound great.

The second condom design released by the Gates Foundation comes from Willem van Rensburg or Kimbranox Ltd. in South Africa. Their condom design will test a condom applicator called the Rapidom. This idea is a great idea for anyone who has been too drunk or too horny to properly put on a condom. Kimbranox will test an applicator designed to be applied in one motion, thereby minimizing the interruption of sexy times when struggling to put on a condom.

Honestly, the problem with condoms is that people have made up their minds that wearing condoms makes you have worse sex. Which it definitely doesn’t. Ask yourself this, what’s better…getting someone pregnant / catching a disease or having full sensation during sex?

It doesn’t really matter what the new design features, as long as people are working on making a new style of condom, one that doesn’t have preconceived notions associated with it, we’ll be alright.

But good on Bill Gates for taking charge.

via The Gates Foundation.

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Published on: November 25, 2013

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