Game of Thrones Returns Sunday! Recapping the GoT Sex Scenes


…must be from the new season.


No, it’s not that I spent all morning looking at hot pictures of sexy babes on – although I did do that, and it did get me really pumped up.

I’m really pumped up because I found out about this new show called Game of Thrones and I am very excited to watch it.  You’ve probably never heard of the show Game of Thrones because Chico Dusty told me that only the elite members of society and of the adult industry get to watch it.

I’m just joking.  Everyone and their mother knows what Game of Thrones and everyone is getting extremely excited because the new season premiers this Sunday, April 13th.

Game of Thrones is known for being an extremely expensive show filled with huge set pieces, enthralling melodrama, and rich fantasy universe, blah blah blah. In this post I will ensure that you are completely caught up on all of the most important parts of the show so that you aren’t confused when you sit down and watch the season premier.

The other thing that Game of Thrones is known for is having lots of sexy babes that show their boobs and have sex all of the time.  And that’s what we care about at the blog.

If you don’t believe me (why the hell woudn’t you believe me?), here’s a compilation video of all of the sex scenes in Game of Thrones.  Once you watch this video you’ll be all caught up for the new season so don’t even bother looking at plot summaries or anything like that.

None of that shit is important.

Game Of Thrones Nude & Sex Scenes Compilation (HD) by FamousClips

Since I want you to be extra-prepared for the new season of Game of Thrones, I’ve also included a collection of pictures of the hottest babes from the show.

Also if the show isn’t hardcore enough for you and you want to see people pretending to be characters from Game of Thrones while having hardcore sex, but with worse acting and a much lower budget than the show itself, please direct your attention to the trailer for “Game of Bones,” the XXX Game of Thrones parody which I haven’t watched:

Now that you’ve looked at all of this sexy Game of Thrones related content you’re completely caught up.  You’re welcome.


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