How To Get Rich Hosting Sex Parties


Just watch Eyes Wide Shut!

A German couple who organized hundreds of sex parties are now being investigated by the polizei because they failed to pay almost $1.4 million in taxes on the profits they made hosting sex parties. 

Officials say that the couple, a 51-year old man and a 49-year old woman, had been asking for $250 untaxed per entry to their sex parties. Unfortunately, their online advertisements drew the attention of a regulatory agency that couldn’t stand idly by and not claim a percentage of the sex party profits.

Last week, police raided a hotel in Frankfurt where the couple was hosting a sex party with three male customers.

“The officers found laptops in the room, which indicated that this was not the first time that the couple had organized such events,” Michael Jenisch, from Frankfurt’s Ordnungsamt told NBC News.

“Grapes and chocolates were draped on the bedside table, while the wife was laying in the sheets eagerly awaiting the guests,” the German newspaper BILD reported.

Sounds like an OK party.

Upon recovering the laptop, police were able to determine that couple had organized more than 450 group sex parties since 2005, which earned them roughly $1.4 million that they never filed taxes on.

Tax evasion is the only crime the couple has been charged with. You’d think that they might get charged with prostitution as well, but Germany being the civilized, advanced nation that it is has very lax prostitution laws.

As of now, no arrests have been made and its unclear what kind of penalty will be handed down to the couple.

Regardless of the couple’s impending punishment, their idea is still a good one. Why not get rich quick hosting sex parties for people with disposable income? After all, only rich people have the means to satisfy their sexual quirks like fucking a few strangers in a hotel room.

So to help you get rich quick by hosting sex parties, here is how it’s done:

  1. Move to a country with lax prostitution laws like Germany.
  2. Rent a hotel room or proxy-apartment. DO NOT HOST LAVISH SEX PARTIES IN YOUR OWN HOME.
  3. Place an ad online advertising a lavish sex party for rich people. Charge anywhere from $199 to $500 per entry.
  4. Decorate the hotel room or proxy-apartment with grapes, chocolates, roses, red velvet, satin sheet, candles, etc. Whatever you want to set the mood. Keep it classy.
  5. Have group sex at your crazy party. Masks are optional.
  6. Collect the profits and become rich.
  7. Pay the taxes on the money you earned off hosting sex parties.
  8. Repeat until you’re a millionaire.

To accelerate getting rich off hosting sex parties, you can secretly film your guests and later blackmail and extort them. Chances are if they can afford to spend $500 to attend a lavish sex party for rich people, they have some sort of reputation that could be ruined by attending a lavish sex party for rich people.

However, if you choose to take the extortion and blackmail route to riches, you’re more likely to be arrested because blackmail and extortion are crimes. Generally they are considered to be more serious than tax evasion.

And hey! When you’re a rich millionaire from hosting sex parties, don’t forget about your old pal Chico! I was the one that taught you how to get rich hosting sex parties so I will gladly accept 10% of all your earnings. You got to pay the Chico Tax.

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