What Gets Jesse Jane Off?

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Screen Shot 2014 01 28 at 4.17.58 PM What Gets Jesse Jane Off?

Jesse Jane

You’ve probably seen Jesse Jane “orgasm” hundreds of times already in her porn movies but I have bad news for you…in approximately 100% of her porn movies, she’s faking it.

It’s easy to forget that pornstars are actually acting in their movies because once you see boobs nothing else matters.

I’m sorry that I had to fuck with your perceptions of orgasms in porn movies. Would showing you what really gets Jesse Jane off make it up to you?

I certainly hope so because Matt Blum was able to capture what gets Jesse Jane off. Why not watch it?

Ah the old switcheroo.

Jesse Jane, we’re the perverts? You’re the one with a full-blown mustard fetish.

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