Girls Gone Wild Creator Sex Tape

This is Joe Francis, creator of Girls Gone Wild:


Joe Francis

This is Joe Francis‘s ex-girlfriend Abbey Wilson:  

Abbey Wilson sexy

Abbey Wilson

Joe Francis is claiming that a sex tape featuring him and Abbey Wilson has been stolen from Abbey Wilson‘s iPad and that its being shopped around.

The man who made millions of dollars by getting girls to go wild and flash their tits for the camera is now threatening legal action if his sex tape is released.

Listen, Joe. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

But I ain’t even mad. I’m just like…

The most fucked up thing about this story is the fact that Joe Francis met Abbey Wilson on Girls Gone Wild: America’s Hottest Girl:

I really don’t want to live on this planet anymore…

It’s important to remember that Joe Francis is very deeply in debt and that sex tapes are a really good way to generate money quickly (re: Paris Hilton, Kim K and Farrah Abraham). So I would guess that the iPad story is a complete fabrication and he’s just trying to cash in.

Mind you, the way to cash in on sex tapes is to be an attractive, female celebrity.

Joe Francis is not attractive, female or a celebrity (despite what he might think).

Three strikes and he’s shit out of luck.

Congratulations Joe Francis for being the world’s biggest idiot.

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