How To Give Women Better Head

You already know what this is

You already know what this is

If you saw yesterday’s post Why Straight Girls Love Lesbian Porn, you know that straight men aren’t totally opposed to giving women head, but they’re unwilling to perform oral sex on women because they’re afraid they’ll be bad at it.

Classic men, so stupid.

Obviously no one wants to be bad at sex in any of its forms, but the only way you’ll ever get good is through trial and error. You have to give lots of head and try new things if you want to be known for your pussy eating abilities. So when the opportunity arises, no matter how confident you are in your ability to give a woman head, you have to try.

But before you start going down on any woman with enough patience to let you perfect your pussy eating skills, I’d like to get you started with a tip to giving women better head. Ready? To give women better head, all you need to do is have some variety.

I think the most common mistake men make when giving a woman head is that they don’t lick with any creativity. Obviously licking an erogenous zone like the vagina is pleasurable, but if it’s just a straight up and down with the tongue it can get boring. Monotony and sex never works.

So now that you know the importance of variety, here are some licking variations you can try to give women better head. 

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The Alphabet Tease

With the flat part of your tongue, trace the alphabet on her vagina. Though this tongue technique may come from a Sam Kinison bit, it’s still a nice way to start teasing because of the different motions your tongue will perform.

The Labia Lock

Gently push the lady’s outer labia together with your lips and run your tongue up and down both the outer and inner labia at the same time.

Little Circles

Use your tongue to trace little circles around the labia and the clitoris. It’s more fun than just plain old licking!

If you’re feeling adventurous, stick your tongue into the vagina and make little circles that get bigger with each full rotation.

Clitoral Suck

WARNING: Do not attempt the clitoral suck before warming a woman up with some standard licking. It’s too intense without warm-up.

Gently spread your partner’s lips to expose the clitoris. Wrap your lips around the clitoris and give it a little suck just to see how she reacts. If she’s enjoying herself, continue sucking the clitoris while making time to flick it with your tongue and lick the surrounding area.

Always keep the clitoris sucking gentle (unless otherwise instructed) and keep the clitoris away from your teeth.

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Those are just four tongue techniques you can use to give your woman better head, however if you want to give the best head the best thing you can do is COMMUNICATE.

Good head, just like good sex is a very relative thing.

For example, last weekend I was with a woman who really liked biting my nipples. There’s someone out there that must truly love their nipples bit during sex and had he been with this woman, it would have been the best night of his life. I on the other hand did not like it one bit. I found it to be painful and upsetting.

Giving good head is the exact same thing. One woman might just like long, slow strokes of your tongue on her pussy and any of these variations could be a complete turn-off. Then there are women who would not consider any head good head unless her clitoris was sucked. It’s all relative.

These are things you can try but remember that women are individuals with individual preferences and kinks. Try a few of these techniques out and if you find she’s not really enjoying herself, ask her what you can do to get her off. At least you’ll have shown that you want to do whatever she wants to please her, which is all anyone can ask for in sex.

Good luck everyone and if you have some special tongue techniques you like to use when giving oral sex to woman, please feel free to share them in the comments!

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