Good Touch: Your Guide to Erogenous Zones

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Find the erogenous zone. (Hint: it’s not the butt!)

Because we started to run out of sex positions for you to try in our recurring sex tip, Try This Sex Position, we’re starting another sex tip series on the Blog called Good Touch: Your Guide to Erogenous Zones. (We are open to changing the name. Maybe to Know Your Zone? Please suggest something in the comments)

There are some men out there in the world who think that the only way to turn a woman on is by touching her boobs, butt, and pussy (and possibly women also). Women of the world can confirm that there’s a lot more to touch than boobs, butt, and pussy.

So to help men everywhere become more skilled and sensual lovers, we’re going to tell you about some erogenous zones (sensitive areas, which when stimulated properly can lead to sexual arousal) that you may not know about.

Today, we’re starting with the back. 

I know what you’re thinking. “The back? The back is not an erogenous zone. There’s nothing there. It’s just filler from the nape of her neck and her ass.”

Well I’m sorry but that’s not right. Even though the back has nothing fancy to look at, it’s not an area you want to neglect during your seduction because the back is full of nerve endings. Think about it. What’s in the back? The spine. And what is the spine good for? Nerve endings! That’s why you always want to try and avoid breaking your spine. That’s not so much a sex tip as it is a life tip.


It’s always a good idea to do some light massaging to set the mood. A massage will relax the woman you’re with and build up intimacy between you. Don’t attempt a Shiatsu massage or get aggressive, keep it slow and soft. Just enough pressure to get the blood flowing.

When massaging, it’s important work the lower back because not only is it the most sensitive area of the back, it’s also the area of the back that when stimulated will send pleasure signals straight to the genitals. claims that when the lower back is stimulated, 90% of women experience an orgasm. But they have no proof. Either way, that should get you thinking about how important it is to stimulate the lower back.

The type of women I usually have sex with tend to have infected tramp stamps, so I don’t like to get my face near their inflamed ink. But if your girl is clean then by all means you should not just be massaging the lower back but kissing, licking, and biting it too.

Most important thing to remember is to take this sex tip with a grain of salt. This is meant to inspire you to try things in bed, it’s not a rulebook. Also, you might meet and sleep with women who don’t get aroused when someone touches their back. The most important thing is communication. Try it and if she makes it clear that she’s into it, then continue applying what you learned. If she’s not into it, then stop immediately.

Otherwise your sex could be ruined. And I don’t want to be responsible for bad sex.

Now you know that touching the lower back can stimulate women sexually. Go out and try it!

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