Hannah Ferguson and The Body Paint Bathing Suit


Hannah Ferguson flaunts her body paint bathing suit

Hannah Ferguson is a 22 year-old beauty from rural Texas that’s creating a quite a bit of buzz thanks to her new photos in theĀ Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Though she’s just a rookie, Hannah Ferguson has shown me that she’s ready to take on a Nina Agdal-level of sex appeal thanks to her body paint bathing suit that leaves her boobs totally exposed.

Apparently, it took one 18-hour body painting session to apply Hannah Ferguson’s body paint bathing suit, which makes me wonder why Sports Illustrated even bothered to do it because she’s basically nude as it is. Seems to me like that painting on the bathing suit was a colossal waste of time because the paint only covers her pusspuss, which they wouldn’t have published anyways. So why not abandon the whole swimsuit motif and just get her to pose nude? It’s 2014, we need full frontal nudity!

Hopefully Hannah Ferguson’s body paint bathing suit inspires beautiful women around the world to wear bathing suits that does nothing to cover up their bodies. I guess we’ll see what happens this summer. In the meantime, enjoy Hannah Ferguson wearing only body paint.


Again, I could have done without the body paint. But regardless, that’s one hell of a debut from the beautiful Hannah Ferguson!

Want to see how they painted Hannah’s bathing suit on? Well then watch the behind the scenes:

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Published on: February 20, 2014

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