HIV Positive Pornstar “Unconfirmed”


Cameron Bay, a female adult performer, may have tested positive for HIV. Currently, Cameron Bay’s test results are unconfirmed.

Some of you may know Cameron Bay from a stint on the VH1 reality show Tool Academy. However, she was only featured in three episodes so I would be surprised if you knew her from that show.

Cameron Bay was tested on Monday at Cutting Edge Testing (henceforth referred to as CET) after not having shot anything since July 31st. She was on hiatus due to an unrelated injury.

On Tuesday, Cameron Bay received a phone call from CET saying that her sample was contaminated and that they would need to do another test. Her last test on July 27th was completely clean.

Before jumping to any conclusions, it’s important to remember that the first test conducted on Monday could be a false positive. Retests are already underway.

“When I got the call, I was obviously extremely distraught and in disbelief because there’s no way that it’s possible in my eyes,” Bay told AVN. “I don’t sleep around, I don’t do anything crazy, and I keep track of the people that I’ve worked with.”

She continued, “If it is [positive] I will of course do everything I can to spread awareness and take care of myself and do the things that are necessary or in my power to do. But it is unconfirmed. They’re doing more tests, and when I spoke with the doctor, I asked him, ‘Is it absolutely, positively HIV?’ and he said, ‘No, there’s a possibility it’s not, because there’s no such thing as an actual HIV test, they just search for the antibodies that they associate with HIV.'”

A close friend once tested positive for HIV. It turned out to be a false positive but in between tests the stress of waiting for an answer nearly killed her.

Having seen what this news can do to an average person first-hand, one whose life doesn’t depend on having clean blood, it just plain fucking sucks. There’s nothing you can do but wait in agony.

My thoughts are with Ms Bay and I hope that she’s OK.

Remember, this can happen to anyone. Always practice safe sex because you never know.


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Published on: August 22, 2013

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