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What the hell are you supposed to say?

Welcome back to another edition of Chico’s Sex Advice where I use all my expertise as a sexpert to answer any questions my beloved readers may have about sex.

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Today’s question comes from friend of the News, Nikitas. Nikitas writes:

“I don’t have any problems with my looks or my clothes, I mean I’m confident about myself but I only have one problem when it comes to girls. How do I meet them ? When I see a girl in a club dancing and looking at me, I don’t know what to say after I get her name. Could you please let me know how to do that?”  


First of all, I’m going to call into question your confidence. If you were a confident young man, like you claim to be, you wouldn’t have a problem talking to girls once you get their name.

Now, I’m not trying to discourage you, I’m just hoping that you realize that there’s always room improvement when it comes to projecting confidence. Remember that you’re a well-dressed guy who is funny and interesting. For your own sake, I hope you are, otherwise you’re totally screwed. And even if you’re not, telling yourself that you are funny and interesting will build your confidence.

Earlier this week, I wrote about a study that broke down the four steps to seduction in clubs. The study claims that there are three different types of verbal seduction, or three ways to talk to a girl you want to seduce in a club. They are:

  • Provocative. Example: “I would like to fuck you.”
  • Complimentary. Example: “Your outfit is totally gorgeous.”
  • Observational. Example: “Why’s it so dark in here?”

So that’s how the majority of the world strikes up a conversation in the club. Approach a woman in the club with one of these verbal seduction techniques in mind and I think you’ll find that it’s a good place to start building up your confidence starting conversations with strange women in clubs.

Once you’re talking, it’s always a good idea to ask questions to keep the conversation rolling. On top of that, try to use her name in conversation as it shows her that you are attentive and care what she has to say.

Nikitas, you’re going to face a lot of cold shoulders, some terse answers to your questions, and some bored women looking around the club for a friend to come save them. That’s just life. Not everyone’s going to want to talk to you. But you just have to throw yourself at that potential humiliation and disappointment until you’re so comfortable talking to any woman that eventually you’ll notice they’re talking back to you.

Conversation is an art and it takes practise to get good at. So this weekend, I want you to hit the club and just say whatever the hell comes to mind (within reason obviously, don’t say, “I would like to fuck you,” to every woman in the club).

If things aren’t going well, feel free to say that you’re Chico Dusty of the Blog. Speaking from personal experience, telling women that you write a well-known sex blog is one hell of a conversation starter. Just don’t mention all the porn that’s also on the Blog because some women aren’t that into it. 

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    how can i talk to a girl pls

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    i like vulva you

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    how can i talk to a girls pls

  • Al

    “Hi. I think you are gorgeous and would like to play the game for Grown Ups with you. It’ll be fun for me and you.” …Works every time.

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