How To Handle A Break-Up



Break-ups aren’t easy. The trick to handling a break-up is allowing yourself to grieve and then find closure.

How does one find closure post-break-up? Well, you could always get together with your ex once the wounds aren’t as fresh and talk about what went wrong. You could start seeing someone new. You could go on a trip or take a vacation. You could write a letter expressing all your frustration and never send. You could drink yourself blind.

These are all viable options to get closure from a relationship. However, we should all try to handle a break-up like Detroit strip club mogul Alan Markovitz. He bought the house next to his ex-wife’s house and placed a gigantic middle finger on the patio as a constant reminder to his ex-wife that he hates her.

Watch this report on how Alan Markovitz is handling his break-up:

Good for you, Alan!

Sure, if my ex-wife did this to me I would be super upset. However, whatever allows for closure in the relationship post-break-up is a good thing.

The statue is quite beautiful to be fair. He could have chosen a much more obscene statue…


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Published on: November 20, 2013

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