How To Have Sex In A Car

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Road Trip!

Monday is Labor Day. That means come Tuesday, summer is over.

If you saw our Top 10 Sexy Things We’ll Miss About Summer, you know that the thing we’re going to miss most is summer road trips.

If you don’t have any plans for Labor Day, why not take an impromptu road trip? It’s your last chance to take a road trip until next summer.

It doesn’t matter where you go. An impromptu Labor Day road trip is just the spontaneous, romantic activity you and your partner need to end the summer on a high note.

But before you hit the open road, you’re should brush up on how to have sex in a car for all the impromptu car sex you’ll be having on your Labor Day road trip.

Lucky for you, I’ve had lots of sex in lots of different cars over the years. The easiest way to have sex in a car is to rent a limo, but that won’t work for you Labor Day road trip. Instead, allow me to break down the best ways to have sex in a car.

Car Sex Positions: 


Some people refer to this car sex position as the “Dashboard Confession” but we’re not going to call it that because that’s a little too close to Dashboard Confessional for my liking. The idea is to in the mood for a sexual adventure, not shitty music.

Anyways, guys need to get in the passenger seat and tilt it all the way back. Once the man is fully reclined, ladies get on top of him facing the dashboard. Put your hands on the dashboard. This will give you some nice leverage to grind and ride your reclining man. Guys, you should know by now that you ought to hold her by the hips and waist to help her out with the grinding and riding.

You can attempt this in the driver’s seat but the steering wheel could give you some trouble. You do not want to accidentally honk the horn. It’s a real mood killer. Although, honking the horn for the duration of your orgasm is hilarious. Using the horn to punctuate your orgasm is also a hilarious idea.

The downside to this position is that it’s not very discreet. If a policeman cruises past, you’re probably going to get busted.

Backseat Driver

If your car has a backseat, climb back there and sit in the centre. Then have your lady climb back and straddle you. From there’s it’s just your basic cowgirl sex position with one important difference: you’re having sex in a car.

Ladies, grab hold of the back seat for support. Unfortunately, you’ll be doing most of the work in this position.

Guys, since the lady will be doing most of the work in this car sex position, do something nice like push the front seats forward. Or maybe vacuum the backseat?

The backseat driver is one of the better way to have sex in a car simply because you’ve got eyes on all directions in case you have company.

Road Dome

Oral sex counts as sex in a car, right?

I think so.

The great thing about getting head on the road is that you don’t even need to stop the car. You just drive and drive as your lady does her thing.

Try not to lose control of the car though.

If none of these car sex positions work for you, improvise! You have limited space and manoeuvrability so get creative with your sex positions! Feel free to share them in the comments!


Where Should You Have Sex in a Car?

Well, the obvious answer is in a car. If it’s not in a car, it’s not car sex.

But you can’t just have sex in a car wherever you want! (Except for oral sex, that’s the best part about it.) You need to find a secluded area before you do the deed. Back alleys, abandoned drive-in theatres, secluded parking lots, a lookout where lots of people make-out, old country road, somewhere just off the highway.

Just have a look around and make sure that no one can see you. If you feel like you’ve got enough privacy, then go for it!


Essentials of Having Sex in a Car:

  1. Wear clothing that can easily be removed and put back on. When having sex in a car, it’s always a good idea to be quick. You never know when you might need to make a quick getaway.
  2. Wear a condom. Not only will it prevent pregnancy and the transmission of STIs, you’ll limit the amount of mess in your car.
  3. Clean your car! No one wants to have sex in a musty old car that has decade old cheeto dust lying around. Put air fresheners in there. Vacuum the floors. Lay a blanket down. Just because car sex is naughty doesn’t mean it has to be dirty.


You’re all ready to have a great Labor Day weekend road trip with lots of car sex.

See you Tuesday!

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