How To Have Sex With Older Women (MILFs)


Hopefully someday you can use these tips to sleep with a MILF as hot as Kendra Lust.

MILF is consistently one of the most popular categories on any porn site including This information really shouldn’t come as a surprise to you because everyone loves MILFs and older women!

I think the reason everyone either secretly or openly has MILF fantasies is because we love the idea of a sexually experienced woman who knows exactly what she wants. It’s a welcome change from fantasizing about nubile teens who don’t really know what their doing and therefore force you to endure some serious mind-games before, during, and after sex.

Since everyone enjoys watching MILF porn videos and looking at MILF porn pictures, I thought you ought to know how to have sex with older women (aka MILFs) so that you don’t blow your chances of having sex with a MILF if that opportunity ever presents itself to you.

So pay attention to what I have to say if you ever want to have sex with an older woman (or older women)! 


Julia Ann: The Ultimate MILF

The first thing you need to know about having sex with MILFs is that by in large they want to have sex with you! Isn’t that a welcome change from women ages 18 to 35 that need convincing? Most MILFs that will have sex with you are flattered that you find them attractive because aging has most likely left them feeling self-conscious about their appearance.

Reminding them that they are sexy ladies in spite of their age is a good foundation to build your confidence on in your approach. But there’s more to it than that. A MILF isn’t just going to open up her legs and say, “It’s all yours, babe.” just because you’re a younger man that wants to fulfill his MILF fantasy.

There are three rules that you need to follow if you want to pick up a MILF and have hot MILF sex for a few days before she gets bored of you.

#1. Be exciting.

#2. Be more mature than the average person your age.

#3. Read her cues.

Don’t worry, I’ll explain each rule a bit better after this pic of super hot MILF Francesca Le.

When an older women is interested in a guy, she doesn’t care about stuff like career or money. She cares about his youth and his ability to excite her. She wants his youthfulness to rub off on her and make her feel young again (which is exciting, you dummy!)! And the best way to make a MILF feel young again is to have wild, passionate sex with her.

So the next time that you’re chatting with a sexy older lady and she’s showing a great deal of interest in you, escalate quickly. Let her know that you’re not interested in a relationship or being friends. You want to have sex with this sexy older lady. The excitement of this proposition might just get you into the sack. However, you still need to let her know that you’re mature.

No one wants to feel like a cradle robber. It’s totally weird. That’s why it’s important to act mature.

Dressing well and exuding confidence is the only way you’re going to get MILFs to notice you. They’ve had their share of 20-something slobs and to have sex with one just because he’s promising to be a passionate, exciting lover will just feel like they’re regressing. Don’t waste a MILF’s time and present yourself as a quality catch.

Once you’re acting mature and promising excitement, the only thing left to do is read her cues. She might be hesitant because of the age difference or she simply does not want to get the reputation of an easy to sleep with older lady. Either way, you just have to see if she keeps talking to you, touching her hair, and all that boring stuff and eventually your persistence will pay off.

These three things will help you have sex with an older woman, but NEVER EVER ASK HER HOW OLD SHE IS.

It’s totally impolite to ask a lady her age. If she looks older, then she’s probably older. There’s no point in jeopardizing your chance of sleeping with MILFs by wanting to know their age. It’s really not important.

And hey, if none of these tips work for you, you can always just get a pool boy job. From what I’ve seen, pool boy jobs are like 15% pool cleaning and 85% having sex with MILFs.

Just watch Kendra Lust seduce her pool boy if you’re not totally convinced:

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