HuffPo: Seriously…. WTF?

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It seems like every other week, there’s some new story about a school teacher getting caught sleeping with one of his or her students. It’s the sort of tawdry, sleazy tale that mainstream media outlets just can’t seem to get enough of – especially if the teacher involved is a woman who is at least slightly more attractive than a bowl full of rotting fish guts.

In this age of “related news items” that are designed to add context to the story you’re reading, it’s no surprise that when you read a story about one teacher-turned-molester there’s bound to be a sidebar story about similar cases, or in the in case of a site like the Huffington Post, a slick little slideshow that gives you a visual reference to accompany your morning’s dose of crappy, vaguely stomach-turning news.

Sometimes, however, like a digital journalistic team of Ghostbusters with unfortunate aim, sites like HuffPo “cross the streams,” mixing and matching stories and slideshows that maybe aren’t so related, after all. This is one of those cases.

The story here is about a teacher at a Christian school whose nude selfies, originally shot and sent strictly for personal consumption, got out into the wild of the Internet, and wound up on one of those so-called “revenge porn” sites. The slideshow at the bottom of the page, however, is all about teachers who got caught fucking their underage students.

See the problem here? I sure as hell do, and I can’t imagine why or how HuffPo manages to not see it. Let’s break it down for them, in no uncertain terms, shall we?

Say what you will about the wisdom of talking and sending around nude selfies if you’re a teacher at a Christian high school, but choosing to associate that relatively mundane act (mundane these days, anyway) with having sex with one of your underage students? That’s not just “out of line,” it’s assaulting the line with a massive, well-sharpened axe and then stomping on the severed portions of the line with combat boots.

Even the school that suspended the teacher (who has since resigned) doesn’t place much of the blame on her, with a spokesperson saying: “We can confirm we have an employee who appears in some photos that have been compromised and made digitally available…. By compromised, I do mean were made available without her knowledge or consent.”

Hell, even one of the concerned parents at the school gets it, and if there’s one thing I’ve noticed over my years on this planet “concerned” parents generally don’t give a shit about anything other than their own concerns! This particular parent even used an apt term to describe the (mercifully unnamed) teacher; see if you can spot that term in the following quote: “The woman is already a victim. But this being a Christian school, parents are upset that a teacher is even taking naked pictures and sending them to people.”

Normally, I hate it when people are referred to as “victims” when they face the consequences of their own actions, and generally speaking I’m not really all that sympathetic to people whose sexts and NSFW selfies eventually make it into the light of day – but to report this particular story and associate her actions with teachers who turn their places of employment into their own creepy singles bar….? Seriously, HuffPo: Fuck you.

What’s next, a retrospective about Nelson Mandela with a related slideshow depicting Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe and Sani Abacha? I mean hey, they were all African heads of state at one point or another, right? I guess the perfect time would have been last month, but there’s a JFK assassination anniversary every year, so it’s never too late to publish a tribute to Kennedy along with a photo gallery highlighting the fine workmanship of vintage Carcano rifles!

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