Hustler magazine’s million dollar reward for outing Mitt Romney

Larry Flynt

In the adult entertainment business, it’s very common to offer someone a large sum of money out of the blue. To get really lucrative offers one usually has to be a celebrity or controversial figure that would be willing to pose nude (and of course, we’re always open for something more).

Hustler founder and publisher Larry Flynt has put up $1 million you won’t even have to strip down to claim. All you would have to do to claim the reward is submit “information about Mitt Romney’s unreleased tax returns and/or details of his offshore assets, bank accounts and business partnerships.”

Critics believe that Mitt Romney has not paid his fair share on the millions (possibly billions) he’s made over the years.

Full page ads have appeared in The Washington Post and USA Today. You can also see it right here on the Blog:

Hustler Magazine is primarily known for its erotic content but it has always been left-wing in its editorial content, so this attack on Romney is consistent with the magazine’s ethos.

Not to mention, Flynt is familiar with waving around $1 million. Hustler previously offered cash rewards to anyone with information on sexual indiscretions of President Clinton’s critics during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. And in 2010, he offered $1 million for details on Rick Perry’s sex life.

Romney tax records were allegedly stolen earlier this month by hackers who are holding it ransom for $1 million.

If you want to make $1 million and determine the outcome of Presidential election, submit “documented evidence to your claims” to Hustler Magazine.

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Published on: September 10, 2012

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