Ignore your chores, get laid more often

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Attention all married men!

Stop doing housework.

Housework sucks. That’s a given. But that’s not the only reason for you to stop doing housework. Did you know that married men who tend to help around the house have less sex than married men who don’t do house work?

The University of Washington just published a study in the American Sociological Review that suggests that heterosexual couples who observe traditional gender roles have more “sexual encounters”.

Co-author and Associate Professor of Sociology Julia Brines told the Toronto Star, “Where the male is doing the male tasks and the female is doing the female tasks, those are the couples (who) are having more sex.”

The study found that traditionally “male” chores (mowing the lawn, handy work, drinking cold beers, putting your feet up, etc.) only totaled about 17 hours of work per week where the “female” chores (doing the dishes, sweeping the floors, waxing the floors, ironing your husband’s shirts, spending time with the kids, cooking dinner, doing laundry, making the beds, etc.) totaled 34 hours per week, twice as much as the “male” chores.

Couples who split the “female” and “male” chores reported about five sexual encounters per month. Meanwhile couples who kept their gender roles in tact had about eight sexual encounters per month.

Married people, whether you’re splitting the chores or not, you’re not having enough sex. There are 30 to 31 days in a month (except, February), which means you should be having sexual encounters 20 to 30 times a month. Get it to together married people.

So couples who don’t evenly distribute chores have more sex. But they have more sex by such a small margin you have to wonder if it’s worth having a resentful wife and being known as a chauvinist prick.

If you want more sexual encounters with your spouse, it would probably be a good idea to stop doing chores that aren’t traditionally associated with your gender. However, before you do this, please consider another study from September 2012′s Sex Roles journal that found people sticking to traditional gender roles leads to bad sex.

In the Sex Roles study, researchers surveyed 357 women and 126 men to measure sexual confidence. One researcher wrote, “If men believe that men should dominate sexually, this may prevent them from feeling open or comfortable discussing sexual behavior.” And as you know, good sex is all about communication.

So now the choice is yours. You can either have slightly more sex by observing traditional gender roles or you can have better sex less often by ignoring traditional gender roles.

And before you decide, make sure you read Jezebel’s “Cleanliness Is Next to Manliness: Which Chores Will Get a Guy Laid?“. Because just doing the dishes is not enough to get you laid.

Sharing Gets You Laid
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  • Aphrodite Andrews

    Ok, I will admit that I prefer a “manly” man as much as the next woman. It must have something to do with our primate origins and the desire to reproduce with the strongest, most successful male possible. That said, if I man doesn’t do housework on a regular basis BUT has the insight to step up and do the dishes every now and then, especially if I have had a hard day, I can guarantee you that he is going to get the fucking of his life later. Probably while still covered in soap suds.

  • Chico Dusty

    Aphrodite Andrews is officially the most sensible person in the comment section. Congrats!

  • Aphrodite Andrews

    Thank you kindly Sir! Let’s see if my title holds once I am not the only person here besides the author. (You slippery devil)

  • Chico Dusty

    If you promise to tell everyone you know over 18 to read this blog, I’ll see to it that you’re inducted into’s Commenter Hall of Fame.

  • Aphrodite Andrews

    Bribery will get you everywhere. I already posted a link to you on my Facebook page the other night. And by the way, you are a very, VERY dirty boy!!! I like that in a man.

  • Chico Dusty

    Thanks baby. ;)

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