Interracial sex scenes still taboo

Earlier this week, former porn star Aurora Snow wrote a piece for The Daily Beast examining one of porn’s final taboos for performers: interracial sex scenes.

The piece was written in reaction to TMZ’s revelation that Alexis Texas had never done an interracial sex scene, even though she is one of the biggest stars in the adult industry and has appeared in over 100 films.

Based on the 10,000 porn star study, we know that only 53% of all performers appear in interracial sex scenes. Why are interracial sex scenes still considered to be taboo in this day and age of porn?

The first reason that Aurora Snow offers for why some actresses’ are reluctant to film interracial sex scenes is because of size. When casting for black male talent, producers select performers that have disproportionately large penises. Trying to work with the sheer size of the members can be intimidating to say the least.

However, more often than size-intimidation, girls refuse to do interracial sex scenes because they’re worried about their careers. Either from agents or other performers, actresses are told that they can increase their longevity by refusing interracial scenes, until she can’t find conventional porn-work.

Withholding from certain sex acts on camera has often thought to be a formula for success. A girl could theoretically extend the audience’s interest in her by incrementally getting more hardcore. An actress would start doing solo work, then move on to shooting with girls, then boy-girl scenes, and then finally do anal or interracial scenes to re-peak interest.

But Snow doesn’t believe that this is the formula for success in the adult industry anymore. Kristina Rose said in her article, “I was told by my agent that girls who did interracial didn’t make as much money. I wish I hadn’t listened to my agent–if I had been doing interracial from the beginning, I probably would have won Performer of the Year.”

Since 2010, every actress who has won Performer of the Year (which is a big deal in the porn world) hasn’t withheld from doing interracial sex scenes.

One of porn’s most powerful agents, Mark Spiegler of Spiegler Girls said that the conventional wisdom that’s been passed on from agents and performers is no longer true. It’s a myth that girls who do interracial sex scenes make less money because they work more and they can charge higher rates.

Snow asked why girls still decline to do interracial scenes even though it can get them more work and he said, “The No. 1 reason I hear, and that doesn’t mean it’s true, is ‘my family wouldn’t like me doing it.” Aurora Snow wrote that she had heard the same excuse on sets throughout her career.

Porn is porn, is it not? I guess not. Why their families would be OK with doing porn just not interracial porn is totally beyond me.

One of the few black agents in the adult business and male performer, Tee Reel, accepted the girls who avoided interracial sex scenes. He told Aurora Snow, “As a black man, I don’t take it personally when a girl says, ‘I don’t want to do interracial.’ In the business, some girls who say they don’t do interracial I’ve actually had sex with off camera.” At least their sexual discrimination is only a business decision (albeit apparently a misinformed one) and they’re not all showing signs of terrible racism.

Reel also explained that some of these girls come from small, rural towns where there isn’t a black population. “Sometimes the first black guy they have been exposed to is in the industry. It’s not as if they have some racist gene. They aren’t anti-black, they just never had the opportunity. Same thing with anal sex–most of them had never had anal sex in their personal life.”

The porn consumer is thought to be a progressive consumer. A recent survey showed that people who watched pornography often were more likely to support same sex marriage because their sexual horizons had been broadened through watching porn. Yet these progressive consumers are still buying into stereotypes, especially when you look at interracial porn. It’s mostly big black men dominating small white girls.

What do you think of race’s portrayal in pornography? Does it matter to you if an actress does an interracial sex scene?

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  • grench

    Its interesting agents would tell actresses that they would get paid less money. Maybe they are thinking in the long run. Like it was mentioned, when they cast black males they don’t cast average or less then average size penises. You get fucked by Mandingo or Lex Steel enough times I figure the pussy wouldn’t look so pretty for long. As well as her pussy size and feel. End of the day they are real people ACTING out fanatics. Before they make it big they are doing a lot of things they might have never done including a black guy. Let alone the most well hung one they could find. Some actresses won’t take facials. Aurora Jolie only preformed anal scenes. If they don’t get casted then they don’t get paid and have to start filling a niche. Àva Devine for example. She has done almost everything under the sun to the point where she could end up in every search excluding gay. Is it right that they are told not to start interracial careers until they’re desperate? Is it right interracial scenes depict scenario that only conger up more steriotypes? I don’t think it matters about right or wrong. They do what they have to for the fans and pay check. On with the show.

  • Eroscott

    Does not being rascist mean that a girl must be attracted to black men? What if she doesn’t personally find them to be attractive? That’s choice. One of the hallmarks of freedom is choice.

    Now, if they think black men qua black men are attractive and refused to have sex scenes with them, then they are being motivated by emotions and not logic.

    I’m of Northern European anscestry. I intrinsically find fair-skinned women more attractvie than dark-skinned women. That is, if I see two women, one white and one black, who would be considered to be of relatively equal attractiveness, I would be drawn towards the white woman.

    That doesn’t mean I would discriminate against the black woman. That would be rascist. I just find white women, on average, more attractive than black women. But then, I find blonde-haired, blue-eyed women more attractive on average than other white women.

    Who I have sex with should be my choice for whatever reasons. The same should hold true with the women in porn.

  • nik

    this is STUPID!!! being called a racist simply because you choose not to have sex with a type of people?

    how many of the women on this planet have not had a black man? they are all racist?
    how many black have not had white?
    are they racist as well?

    people have the right to choose what goes inside them, especially when it comes to sex.

    i read the article about alexis texas, and the comments after it. most of is seemed like a witch hunt.

    we push racial equality so far that people are considered bad for not doing what other’s have done?

  • Chico Dusty

    I’m not pointing the finger at anyone, it’s just interesting that a large majority of white female performers believe that doing interracial porn would upset their families. If there is racism, it’s in the way interracial porn is marketed because it further reinforces black stereotypes and having sex with people of different races as taboo.

  • Chico Dusty

    You’re right, not every single black guy has a huge dick. However, to be a successful black performer casting agents only select black performers with abnormally huge members.

  • Chico Dusty

    I’m very happy that someone gets it.

  • Chico Dusty

    But it’s not because your personal sex life is not a business. Porn is a business and they’re taking calculated, vaguely racist risks as a part of their business strategy.

  • Eroscott

    Interracial sex, expecially black men fucking white women, is still strongly taboo in mainstream white society. However, I’m sure many people, women included, fantasize about it, even though they would never do it.

    My second wife had two black lovers before we met. She told me that she would never have another. She didn’t like their attitude towards women, that white men treated her better. She’s a blue-eyed blonde by the way, or was when she was younger.

    A porn star is still a person and has the right to be prejudice and rascist if they want to, just so long as they do not violate the rights of others.

    And you’re right, Chico Dusty, interracial porn in America tends to use black men with the biggest cocks they can find. In European porn you can see more black men with average sized cocks. A big cock does not a better lover make. It just looks damned impressive on the screen.

    Besides, most porn is driven by the male need to dominate and to show that they (the men) have gotten their rocks off and not so much about the woman orgasmic pleasure.

  • Chico Dusty

    Eros, I agree with everything you said but in the article the girls say they have sex with black men in their personal lives and though they are in entitled to prejudice and preference in their personal lives, should this be allowed in their professional lives as well?

  • Eroscott

    I was in a hurry when I read the article and missed the part where they said they had sex with black men in personal lives. That would make them hypocrits then. But, still, it’s a professional or business choice, for whatever reason, and not having sex with a black man in a porn video does not violate anyone’s rights.

  • Chico Dusty

    It’s a delicate issue that’s for sure. I really respect Aurora Snow for writing about it and letting me re-appropriate it.

    Eroscott, your comments have been excellent. Please leave us more.

  • nik

    they choose what scenes they do, and that is a choice.

    just because some of them have sex with blackmen offscreen does not mean they have to onscreen..

    most of the interracial porn titles degrade themselves and tons of others.

    i see WAY more racism from blacks then i do whites.

    my fiance had sex with 2 black guys when she was younger, she was hoping for some monster cock. she was very let down.
    we talked about it quite a bit, i asked her why she wanted a 10″ cock when she could not get 10″ inside of her. lol she did not have a reason other then just cause it would be fun to try.

    i get called a racist all the time, however i consider myself more prejudice. as i have a low tolerance for stupidity.

    even if alexis texas was a racist what does it matter? she lives in the U.S. and has that right

  • Eroscott

    nik: My second wife and I (this was years ago) picked up a young black man in our favorite bar one night and when we got back to our house, our bedroom, naked and ready to rock and roll, he looked over at me and said: “Damn! And I thought I was the one who was supposed to have a big dick.” I’m 7-1/2″ not that big by “industry” standards from the porn I watch. And in certain positions, doggy for instance, I had to be careful because I would bottom out on my wife and hurt her.

    She had a girlfriend that she roomed with before we met. When her girlfriend was done dating a guy for whatever reason then it was okay for my ex to date him and vice versa. My ex told me that the men her girlfriend dated tended to be too big for her and the men she dated tended to be too small for her girlfriend. Women’s vagina’s like men’s cocks come in different sizes.

  • Eroscott

    Thank you, Chico Dusty, for your kind words.

  • Ken

    Interracial sex is the best when it is lesbian interracial.

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  • Heino

    And why are so few porn actors Frenchman in the number one porn land USA? Another racist taboo? No, it is because there are so few Frenchman in the USA. And are there 53% black people/actors? No, so it’s kind of logical.
    @Ken: agree

  • Chico Dusty

    Manuel Ferrara is a Frenchman and he’s probably the most popular male pornstar (other than James Deen).

  • Heino

    Then take Australians or Germans or Russians. ^^

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  • Nicole White

    How about gangbang with two white males and one black male with Sasha Grey?

  • Chico Dusty

    How about I delete that link to Wetmaker?

  • Nicole White

    Chico you are the boss=)

  • Chico Dusty


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  • duanculo

    bottomline man, porn is a BUSINESS. women subject themselves to things they would never do in real life and have sex with men they would never outside of porn. so when you factor this is and you hear pornstars, like Alexis Texas and Rachel Starr, say they don’t do interracial for w/e reasons, it’s like they have taken their a PERSONAL stance on something they cannot fathom to do on camera which comes off as extremely insulting. you’re ok with taking nuts on the face, getting gangbanged, tied up, whipped, spit on, fucked raw and hard BUTTTTTTT what you do have a problem with is having sex with a black man … you can see how this can be easily misconstrued as racism.

  • fotograf chrzanów

    This is a topic which is near to my heart…

    Many thanks! Where are your contact details

  • tony

    i like it !!! i like to see a hot ebony women or a women from a different race fuck a white man !!! dont knock it untill you try it i am a white male i have had sex with a white women but they are boring. fuck someone who can speak a different language and talk dirty to you in there language its a turn on so if you are a white male go for it and u will see it will be amazing

  • Chico Dusty

    Thanks Tony. You’re absolutely right.