Is Rachel Starr Dating Mike Napoli?

Rachel Starr sexy pornstar

Rachel Starr

Pornstar Rachel Starr was in the news last week because she was spotted giving rapper Machine Gun Kelly a blowjob at a show in Dallas.

This week she’s back in the news because of this tweet:

And go to the game she did. Look at what she tweeted during the game:

So…does this mean Mike Napoli and Rachel Starr are dating? 

Not necessarily.

Bibi Jones and Rob Gronkowski hung out. Here’s photographic evidence of their hanging out:

Rob Gronkowski and Bibi Jones

Rob Gronkowski and Bibi Jones

By no means were Gronk and Bibi Jones dating. Hanging out with pornstars is just one of the many perks you receive when you become a professional athlete.

Derek Jeter hung out with pornstars. Tiger Woods hung out with pornstars. Why are people still surprised when pro athletes are connected to pornstars?

The only athletes I’ve ever known were back in school. Let me tell you something about those guys, they loved porn.

Exercise boosts testosterone levels in the body. High testosterone leads to a high sex drive. What’s the best thing to curb your high sex drive and remain competitive and focused? Porn, of course!

It doesn’t really matter that Mike Napoli was hanging out with Rachel Starr. He’s a good hitter (so I’m told by Mr. Denny of Cubbie’s Crib) despite being diagnosed with avascular necrosis. Avascular necrosis is a degenerative bone disease where bone tissue dies due to a lack of blood supply. The Red Sox are going to make the playoffs so let the man do whatever or whoever he wants in his spare time.

The good thing about all this is that Rachel Starr is finally getting the attention she deserves. She’s been in the adult industry for six years now, she’s a fan favorite, and she definitely deserves some mainstream attention.

If don’t agree, check out some of Rachel Starr’s pictures and videos on I think you’ll agree she’s the best after you check her out.

But there is still one question that remains. Who is Rachel Starr dating right now?

Is she dating Machine Gun Kelly? Is she dating Mike Napoli? Is she dating a different celebrity we don’t know about?

I don’t want to jump to any conclusions but I think this tweet from Kendra Lust could give us the answer to this question:

I think we can all agree to just imagine that Rachel Starr and Kendra Lust are dating.

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