Jada Stevens Is Off Twitter (But Still A Pornstar)


Jada Stevens

Following pornstars on Twitter can be kind of a pain because it limits the locations where you can check Twitter. At least for me it does. For some reason, I’m just not comfortable looking at ass selfies on my phone while a bunch of mouth-breathers beside me on the bus be peeping my screen.

That said, following pornstars on Twitter is awesome because eventually you’ll get to see some homemade topless pictures or pussy pictures that can’t be seen anywhere else. It’s like free amateur porn made by your favorite pornstars.

Sadly, one of the best pornstars to follow on Twitter, Ms Jada Stevens, is no longer on Twitter.

No more Jada Stevens on Twitter? What could that possibly mean? Could it be that Jada Stevens, the woman with the best ass in porn, is gearing up for retirement?  

No. It doesn’t.

Sorry to scare you, but at least you’ll be a bit more appreciative of Ms Jada Stevens and her ass.

There’s been quite a lot of speculation (aka panic) as to Jada Stevens’s status as an active pornstar since her Twitter was deleted. Well it appears that she didn’t delete her Twitter. It was suspended, which means it was most likely reported by some ass-hating prude.

Sadly, you won’t be getting new Jada Stevens tweets for a while but thankfully you can still get your fair share of sexy Jada Stevens selfies by following her on Instagram: @2cheekzback.

A quick scroll through her Instagram reveals that though she’s off Twitter, she’s still an active pornstar.

Exhibit A: Jada Instagrams an ass shot from the set of an upcoming porn movie.

Exhibit B: Jada Instagrams an ass shot from a recent tour.

Exhibit C: Jada Instagrams having sex with Remy Lacroix (and it looks like an upcoming scene)

Ok. We can all stop panicking. Jada Stevens is not retired…yet.

It’s bound to happen someday, hopefully in 5 to 20 years. At least it isn’t today.

To celebrate the fact that Jada Stevens has not retired, here are some GIFs of Jada Stevens’s world famous ass.


Some of you may not think that Jada Stevens’s ass is the best in the entire world, but you must admit that it’s the most GIF-able ass around.


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