James Deen Stars in Graphic Condom PSA

Condoms were exclusively used by sailors for the longest time because they would roam from port to port bedding strange, exotic women and men. And then the 80’s happened. Condom use extended to general public. Now whether it’s a one night stand or another night with your wife, condoms should be standard procedure by today’s standards.

Though no one will contest that condoms can be frustrating because sex doesn’t feel quite as good or struggling with the wrapper can be a race against time, Brazzers has just released a PSA starring James Deen that reminds us all that the piece of mind makes condoms totally worthwhile.

Seeing James Deen flatline in a hospital bed with sores all over his body will make you rethink every time you chose to forgo wearing a condom. The other side of the story where he gets married and lives happily ever after thanks to wearing a condom that first night does not work as well. A healthy relationship is a lot more work than rolling latex down the shaft of a penis. Good thing the fear conveyed in the other story is so effective.

Get Rubber! is Brazzers’ first campaign of community outreach. The rationale for releasing this PSA, Brazzers explains, “As members of the adult industry, we take part in creating a fantasy for our viewers. Along with being leaders in what we do, comes the task of being responsible with our audience.”

Because condoms are expected, they can often be overlooked. Let this be a reminder that STIs are a real threat, so if you’re going to have sex be smart and wear a condom. It’s not just for sailors.

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Published on: August 13, 2012

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