Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Sex Toy Spree

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jay z beyonce island Jay Z and Beyonces Sex Toy Spree

World’s Most Envied Couple

As Beyonce’s sex-fueled new album continues to dominate digital sales, she and husband Jay-Z decided to celebrate with a $6,000 sex toy shopping spree!

Celebrities. They’re just like us! 

According to a Radar Online anonymous tipster, the power couple spent Boxing Day at Babeland in New York City where they dropped approximately $6,000 on sex toys.

“They didn’t buy anything tacky or too extreme,” the insider told Radar. “It was all top-of-the-line stuff. Some of it was even gold-plated!”

Gold-plated? That must be LELO!

Perhaps Beyonce bought herself a gold Inez vibrator like this one:

LELO Inez gold packaging Jay Z and Beyonces Sex Toy Spree

The Inez

Or perhaps Hova bought himself the world’s most distinguished gentleman butt plug, the EARL?

LELO Earl gold contents Jay Z and Beyonces Sex Toy Spree

Earl Butt Plug

It’s got to be one or the other.

Either way, it’s nice to know that the world’s sexiest couple indulges in sex toys. And when I say “The world’s sexiest couple” I mean that Beyonce is so sexy that she compensates for Jay-Z’s butt ugliness.

I like to think that after spending $6,000 on sex toys that the couple looked a little something like this:

giphy Jay Z and Beyonces Sex Toy Spree

giphy 1 Jay Z and Beyonces Sex Toy Spree

giphy 2 Jay Z and Beyonces Sex Toy Spree

And yes, there is no Jay-Z in my Beyonce sex toy fantasy.

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