Jenna Jameson A Slurred Mess On TV

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Screen Shot 2013 10 22 at 9.38.07 AM Jenna Jameson A Slurred Mess On TV

Jenna Jameson on Good Day New York

Retired adult superstar Jenna Jameson stopped by Good Day New York to promote her new erotic novel, Sugar.

Basically, it was a total train-wreck.

Jenna Jameson just kind of slurred her way through the interview until it was cut short. According to TMZ, the segment was cut short because of her erratic behavior.

But don’t just take TMZ’s word for it. Watch Jenna Jameson “promote” her new book, Sugar.

If Sugar is half as entertaining as this interview…it will be…a somewhat good book?

I don’t know.

Jenna Jameson, what’s gotten into you? Get it together, girl.

By the way, should I review Sugar? If you want me to read Jenna Jameson’s erotic novel so you don’t have to, just leave a comment in support of the idea.

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  • george

    please i want to read that book.

  • Chico Dusty

    You should read it!