Jennette McCurdy’s Personal Lingerie Pics


Jennette McCurdy

Good news, guys! Jennette McCurdy, star of iCarly and Sam and Cat, is all grown up.

The 21 year-old actress has just completed an important rite of passage in the life of a young celebrity when her personal lingerie pics leaking online earlier today.

Yes that’s right! Jennette McCurdy is no longer a Nickelodeon drone! Leaked selfies means that Jennette McCurdy is officially sexy! So let’s celebrate this achievement by looking at Jennette McCurdy’s lingerie pictures. 

Now before you see these pictures, I should tell you that I have no idea how these pictures came out.

I’d like to think that Jennette McCurdy was trying to sext with future Detroit Pistons superstar Andre Drummond, but apparently they’re not together anymore. Which would therefore make this an act of revenge porn if Andre Drummond did leak this pictures. That would suck, but it would ensure the Pistons to tank and secure a Top 8 pick in the NBA Draft.

It might be a PR move by Jennette McCurdy…after all, she did reveal in an interview with NKD Magazine that she was tired of playing  Sam Puckett and is hoping to expand her resume past that character. Leaking sexy lingerie pictures is a great way for any young celebrity to get casting directors thinking of them differently. Or maybe not. I don’t know. I’m not a Hollywood casting director. Though these pictures certainly have made me realize that Jennette McCurdy is quite sexy.

So anyways, pictures:

Source: Uploaded by user via bubblegumtaint on

Source: Uploaded by user via bubblegumtaint on

Source: Uploaded by user via bubblegumtaint on

Now the real question is with any leaked celebrity nudes is: ARE THEY REAL?

Well for confirmation that these really are leaked Jennette McCurdy lingerie pics, we have reddit to thank.

Redditor Hobflut took the time to dissect Jennette McCurdy’s Instagram and matched her bed spread to previous pictures, as well as some other evidence that’s somewhat unclear to me.

Anyways, take a look:



See? That’s definitely Jennette McCurdy sharing some sexy lingerie pics with the world.


So keep checking the Blog until you’ve seen Jennette McCurdy nude. Hopefully some time of Wednesday.

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  • mumpus

    nudes coming Wednesday?????? AMAZING.

  • blingblong

    How did that redditor know?

  • Chico Dusty

    Allegedly. I can’t promise anything but if there are, I’ll find them.

  • Chico Dusty

    My guess is that he’s close with Jennette. Now there’s no way to prove that but it would make sense if that redditor worked for her if this was a PR move.

    If he just knew all that info, then I would be worried for Jennette.

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    wow she beautiful

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  • Ana bela

    Eu sabia que era verdade !

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