Jennifer Best Interview!


Jennifer Best!

Do you know how Jennifer Best got her surname “Best”? Me neither! 

But from speaking to her I’m convinced that Jennifer Best is called “Best” because she’s simply the best. 

There are lots of blonde MILFs in the world (or so I’m told) but Jennifer Best has a sweetness and raw sexual energy that just emanates from her. Take the time to read this interview because if you don’t already know that Jennifer Best is the best, then you’re missing out.

Chico: One of my dreams is to make a sexy stereotype for every state. What would say New Mexicans do best in bed?

Jennifer: New Mexicans are super caliente; they know how to “unwrap a tamale”.

How did you get your start in the industry? 

Penthouse started my modeling and mainstream career.

It was the Girl Candy Films “One Night Stand” by Nica Noelle that I did for my 40th birthday. It introduced me into the adult industry.

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After just a year and a bit in the industry, what advice do you have for aspiring pornstars?

Take your time making sure you know what you’re comfortable with, and hold onto personal boundaries.

To me, sex is still personal. Even when performing, I prefer to be with talent of my choice, and the camera picks up on all of that in the end.

It seems like more and more popular pornstars are starting their porn careers in their 30s as opposed to on their 18th birthday. Why do you think that is?

Women grow into their sexuality later in life, so it makes for stronger performers.

Anyone can just fuck, but the difference between older women and young girls is truly enjoying the adventure.

You’re nominated for the Hottest MILF Fan Award at AVN this year. Besides being a super hot MILF, why should everyone vote for you?

I’m flattered that I’m even nominated amongst some of these iconic ladies. My career has been a public struggle. I think I encourage people to dream big, regardless of age, size, color or obstacles that could allow ones self to believe they can’t…you can!

If for some reason you don’t win Hottest MILF, who would you like to see win?

Besides some of my yummy friends, I think Nina Hartley should win because she has made such a legendary impact in the industry.

A lot of people ask me what the secret is to sleeping with MILFs. As a MILF, what would younger men have to do to seduce you?

I’m so shy in person, so I don’t get seduced.

Editor’s note: Jennifer Best doesn’t get seduced but she’s a master of seduction. Just watch:

What’s the origin behind that animated version of yourself on your Twitter?

At the moment, I’m obsessed with the Facebook app called Bitstrips. I love anime and went to art school, so I appreciate illustrations. I would love to have a comic strip done one day, and have artwork done by many of my favorite illustrators.

Fill in the blank, “After this interview, everyone should _____________________”

Go vote for Jennifer Best, AVN Fan Nominee for Hottest MILF!
But seriously, take the extra step in making your dreams come true. Go for whatever it is because there is no failure, only lessons.

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