Did Pornstar Jessie Rogers Retire?

Every Tuesday on The Sex.com Blog, we try to figure out if a certain pornstar has retired from porn. When pornstars retire, it’s done quietly. Their retirements are so quiet that any announcement or official decision goes unnoticed or unreported to their fans.

I’ve been in the dark about too many pornstar retirements, as I’m sure you have to. So that’s why we do our very best to figure out who’s still in the business and who’s out. If we can provide any reason for a pornstar’s retirement, we’ll do that too.

But the real reason we’ve been doing these posts and will continue to do these posts is not only to revisit some of our favorite former pornstars but to also pay tribute to them. Hell, these girls have worked hard in the porn industry, giving us countless hours of sexual satisfaction. The least we can do is memorialize that hard work and sexual satisfaction in a blog post.

Today, we’re going off schedule because this is crazy news. One of your favorite new pornstars, Jessie Rogers has retired.

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I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking:

Jessie Rogers retired? But she like just started doing porn and she’s already a major pornstar.”

Well, what can I say? Jessie Rogers is full of surprises. Like for example, did you know that despite looking and sounding like your standard California babe, she was actually born in Brazil? When I was doing research on her, it kept saying “Brazilian porn actress Jessie Rogers.” And I was like, “No. I’m looking for American porn actress Jessie Rogers.” Needless to say, this minor ethnic confusion was a huge waste of time.

So anyways, Jessie Rogers started doing porn shortly after her 18th birthday (August 8th, 2011 by the way). Her first scene was for X-Art and she was performing under the name Carmen. Couldn’t find the video, so let’s just look at this picture of “Carmen”:

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Of course, when she took on the moniker Jessie Rogers, she became a real hit with porn fans because of her girl next door good looks and her ripe, round ass.

If you’re still doubting that she’s Brazilian, just look at this GIF of Jessie Rogers’s ass.

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I for one thought that she was going to be a huge pornstar. I mean, just from an observer’s point of view, it looked like she had all the right tools to be a hugely successful pornstar. Naturally good-looking, good performer, the whole package. She was nominated for Best New Starlet this year but lost to Remy Lacroix and she’s currently in the running for Twisty’s Treat of the Year 2013. Not to mention her pictures, videos, and GIFs are always among the most popular on Sex.com.

She also got a breast augmentation in March 2012, only 7 months into her career as a pornstar, going from an A-cup to a D-cup.


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Usually, when girls get breast augmentations it’s a sign that they’ll be in the adult industry for a while, which is too bad because natural tits > fake tits any day of the week. However, breast augmentation as a signifier for tenure in porn was not the case with Jessie Rogers who I assure you has retired.

How am I so sure that she’s out of filming porn scenes? Well, just like with our investigation with Lexi Bloom, I was able to find an Ask Me Anything  with Jessie Rogers where she talked about her decision to leave the porn industry.

She wrote, “I basically looked for it [getting into porn]. Since i was 16 i had an urge to model naked, so right when i turned 18 i got right in the industry. I also wanted to “slut out” in a safe environment where everyone gets tested and knows what they are doing. My last porn scene was in december [December 2012, by the way]. i don’t regret any of my decisions because at some point and time it was what i wanted to do. Im glad i did it because i got all of that out of my system at such a young age and now i can move on.

… i was told by people that i should “pace myself” in the industry. but i wasn’t doing porn to perform, i was doing it for myself and to try different fantasies i had so everything i did on film is what i like and do in real life. I tried and did everything, i know what i like and don’t so there’s no sense for me to do it anymore.”

So in other words, Jessie Rogers came and conquered the porn industry on her own terms and rather than milk her career for ten more years she decided to quit while she on top. Like a hot, young, female Heath Kirtchart. Now she’s doing some Youtube activism.

Here, watch her talk about gun control:


So what now? Well from her year and half long career in porn, Jessie Rogers left us with a lot of great videos. So let’s watch some of them

Sister’s friend Jessie Rogers is so sexy

Jessie Rogers’s sweet ass all oiled up

Jessie Rogers does hardcore

Jessie Rogers and Lily Labeau lesbian sex

Jessie Rogers, you were a very sexy pornstar, especially before the boob job. But if you’re accomplished everything you set out to do in porn, then we have no choice but to respect your decision.

Enjoy your retirement! We won’t!

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  • ranga


  • Marcus

    LOL how did you miss this?

  • http://www.sex.com Chico Dusty

    Because I’m an idiot!

  • Grimpy


    I had no idea she retired. That is such bummer.

    These posts are sick but you got to admit they are always a bummer. It’s nice knowing whos retired and whos not but everytime I just find out my favorite pornstar isn’t gonna have new pics or videos.


  • Brad

    I think she is more smarter than I thought.

    She knows how to stop.

  • http://www.sex.com/news/ Chico Dusty


  • Jergens Kleenex

    Either she’s full of shit or Wikipedia is. Her article there states that she contracted herpes. If this is true then she’s not leaving the industry for anything so noble as living on her terms. It’s because she couldn’t get a decent gig now no matter what.

  • http://www.sex.com/news/ Chico Dusty

    That’s news to me.

    I definitely understand why she would want to keep the herpes under-wraps. It’s pretty shitty.

  • tony

    i dont think u guys ran into the info as to why she retired. she contracted a major disease the month prior to her retirement. thats definitely a reason to retire

  • Lafesse

    And now shes streaming everyday on twitch.tv
    What the f…?!

  • dick o’shea

    she retired ‘cos she contracted herpes, disease treatable, but not curable.

  • boom

    buncho my friends work in the industry they all tell me every pornthespian has herpes… so what’s the deal?