Kaity Pearson Is Back To Work!


Hot Teacher Kaity Pearson

Earlier this week, we found out that Kaity Pearson, a teacher in Massachusetts, had been suspended after an anonymous jerk revealed that she was moonlighting as a sexy model.

After Cristy Nicole Deweese and Victoria James were fired from their teaching jobs for nude modelling last year, I would have bet a million dollars that Kaity Pearson was going to get fired.

I’m glad I didn’t because she’s going back to work!

“We are confident that she will bring the same level of commitment to her job and her students that she always has,” the statement from the school said.

Kaity Pearson was just recently voted “Model of the Year” for ModelsMania Magazine. So let’s hope that she can win it again next year.

I doubt that Kaity Pearson’s return to work will be any kind of precedent to help nude models / teachers that get suspended or fired from their teaching jobs to get their teaching jobs back, but at least one school board got it right.


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Published on: January 29, 2014

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