Kayden Kross is Pregnant

Kayden Kross pool table

Kayden Kross

I’m not sure if this is good news or bad news. It really depends on who you ask. It’s just news.

Kayden Kross is pregnant.

She announced her pregnancy earlier today on her blog, Unkrossed. Here’s what she wrote: 

So as many of you know, I’ve been doing some pretty illicit things with Manuel Ferrara on a pretty illicit basis, whatever that may mean—the part about the illicit basis. It sounds nice, that pairing of words. Dating him and living with him has not helped slow this down.

And as many others know, I’ve been all outspoken about this condom thing for a while now. Which has become ironic.

Because, as everyone knows, Manuel Ferrara is a major slut.

I figured I had two options: a very long blog or a very short blog.Because there are not in-between sized blogs that would do justice for an announcement like this. So I’ll just put it out there and let ya’ll know that there is a baby on the way.

It’s a girl.

And this kid’s timing kind of screwed up my hosting of the Sex Awards, so I’d like to congratulate the new host, whoever she may be, on her better ability to keep her legs closed.


And we can pretty much assume my attendance of the AVN awards is off, because I’ll sort of be in labor that night, or thereabouts. I’m on someone else’s schedule now.


I remember reading an interview with Stormy Daniels right after her pregnancy. She kept her pregnancy a secret because she knew there would be a backlash. Surprisingly though, the backlash was not from fans.

In fact, most of Stormy’s fans were supportive of her being a mother.

However, some people felt that Stormy was unfit to be a mother because she works in the adult industry.“It’s just all the negativity towards the adult industry in general, or people’s fear,” she told the Daily Beast.

Of course, Stormy’s pregnancy is much different than Kayden Kross’s. Her’s was planned and Kayden’s…not so much.

But how does Kayden Kross’s pregnancy affect your feeling towards her?

Personally, I see this as a reminder of her humanity. It’s so easy to only see what’s on your computer screen, but the Kayden Kross we see in videos and pictures is just a fraction of the real Kayden Kross.

As long as she’s not a negligent or abusive parent (which I highly doubt she will be) it’s none of our business. Unexpected pregnancies happen. It’s just a part of life.

If she chooses to retire or continue her career, it doesn’t really matter to me because porn is just a fantasy.

But how do you feel about Kayden Kross’s pregnancy? Does it make you uncomfortable? Are you any less attracted to her? Is it harder to idealize or sexualize her?

Please discuss in the comments.

One thing is for sure, Kayden Kross is now the world’s hottest MILF.

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  • lieeky

    it’s harder to sexualize her while she’s pregnant but MILFs are hot. they were pregnant once.

  • Joe Teflon

    I probably won’t watch any scenes post-pregnancy.

  • http://www.sex.com/news/ Chico Dusty

    You make an excellent point. All MILFs were once pregnant. I was worried people would be bummed.

  • http://www.sex.com/news/ Chico Dusty

    Why not? Are worried that her vagina will have changed? Because they got a lot of exercises and technology to tighten it up again.

  • dee

    why do you assume that the pregnancy was not planned?
    and how a porn star can be sure who the father is?

  • Eroscott

    Kayden Kross will be hot during pregnancy and hot after pregnancy. And there isn’t a person on Earth who didn’t get here without a woman and a man having sex. That’s right people, your mom and dad fucked and hopefully enjoyed it. And they probably did it because if felt good more than because they wanted little Jr. or Sissy. So Kayden gets paid for doing it on a video, no big deal. And, in fact, I’m so very glad that she does… along with all the other beautiful women who do. How many “videos” do men and women play in their heads when having sex… to enhance the performance?

  • Lowspark

    She’ll be the most beautiful pregnant pornstar in the world. Hope she does a prego scene in a few months.

  • Emil

    ‘World’s hottest Milf.’

    She’s nothing compared to Holly Halston!

  • http://www.clubglamour.net/ CG

    just another niche she can fit into: pregnant porn or nude pics

    afterwards: real milfs

  • julia

    I fully agree as a porn actress knows who the father of her child, as to the many and real, I think the Kyden super bland, forced a sensual look, makes faces and mouths all the time will come when it seems this morrrendo, not counting of course that does not believe in her love by Manuel, sounds like something artificial, their scenes are always very theatrical, forced, I hate her as porn, and still think smart …

  • julia

    For me this pregnancy was just to try to secure it …

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  • Clay

    I think Kayden will be just as exy when pregnant. What she does during her pregnancy is HER business, but I think that she would look fantastic, doing some preggo shoots, and maybe even some sex vids.
    As for “post pregnancy”? If she puts the time and effort into getting back in shape, I am sure that she will look just as hot, or hotter, afterward.
    Being an actor or model in the Adult Industry does not, in and of itself, make her a “fit” or “unfit” parent. It is how she treats her child that matters.

  • Ash

    I feel sorry for the daughter already. She gonna grow up with both her parents known pornstars and everyone will find out eventually so a normal life would be almost impossible to avoid the stigma and live a normal life. How she going to cope with that growing up because I know how cruel parents and children can be with this kind of thing.

  • Jordan

    I’d love to see Kayden in some pregger scenes. Pregnancy is beautiful and I’d love to give that a go.

  • Ryan

    I completely agree with you. Kayden is super hot to LOOK at but I skip over her scenes, she has no sex appeal.

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  • Kevin

    More power to her. That is all.

  • rjupback

    “I’m not sure if this is good news or bad news”

    How could it possibly be bad news? Jeez…

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