Kayden Kross

Kayden Kross

Kayden Kross

Kayden Kross could easily be Babe of the Day any day of the year but today there were a couple of Kayden Kross power moves made. 

Like anyone who has ever seen Kayden Kross, we’re huge fans of her so we had to make her Babe of the Day.

Source: kaydenkrossxxx.net via TittyT on Sex.com

So what’s going on with Kayden Kross that’s earned her glorious title of Babe of the Day today?

Two things:

  1. Kayden Kross is on Breaking Bad.
  2. Kayden Kross‘s new Digital Playground movie Bridesmaids looks great.

Let’s start with Breaking Bad.

On June 4th, Breaking Bad season 5 came out on DVD and Blu-Ray. It comes with an extra scene called Chicks ‘N Guns. The scene shows Jesse and Skinny Pete watching Kayden Kross dance from them when Saul Goodman walks in to deliver some bad news to Jesse.

Breaking Bad is one of the best shows on TV, if not the best show, and adding Kayden Kross to the show only confirms that. Unfortunately, if you want to see Kayden Kross dancing for Jesse and Skinny Pete, you’re going to have to buy season 5.

But here’s a video of Kayden Kross stripping (and more) so you get an idea of what you’re missing out on:

Source: redtube.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

Now her scene in Breaking Bad won’t be that explicit but Kayden Kross never fails to be sexy.

And now Bridesmaids.

Digital Playground released a trailer for their new feature porn movie Bridesmaids. Based on the trailer it looks like it could be genuinely funny and very well-acted. Those are two qualities that aren’t found in porn movies, which is why we’re stoked.

Check out the SFW Bridesmaids trailer:

Looks good right?

Maybe I’m just biased because I’ll watch anything with Kayden Kross in it. But also, it’s based off Bridesmaids (the Kristen Wiig movie). That’s got to be one of the best comedies in recent memory. So it definitely helps the porn version.

So there you have it, Kayden Kross made to power moves today, which is why she’s Babe of the Day. Mind you, Kayden Kross is always making power moves. She’s not just a very sexy pornstar, she’s always popping up in mainstream TV shows and movies. She’s very active in adult industry activism, making sure pornstars have a voice and protecting their rights.

Plus she’s a very talented writer. Have you ever checked out her blog, Unkrossed.blogspot.com? If for some reason the Sex.com Blog fails to entertain you, I recommend you check it out. She doesn’t blog much anymore (too busy taking over the world presumably) but the archives are worth checking out.

But how good the Sex.com Blog not entertain you? Just look at all the sexy Kayden Kross pics we’ve gathered for you:

Source: girls.twistys.com via Alexendra on Sex.com

Source: tumblr.com via mrlopez on Sex.com

Source: tumblr.com via mrlopez on Sex.com

Source: failfunsexy.com via joanna69 on Sex.com

Source: tumblr.com via mrlopez on Sex.com

Source: glamourmodelsgonebad.biz via dave001 on Sex.com

Source: allkaydenkross.com via dave001 on Sex.com

You know what?

There’s too much quality Kayden Kross on Sex.com to do it justice in a blog post.

You should just see it all by clicking here: KAYDEN KROSS ON SEX.COM

Kayden Kross rules.

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  • http://wetmaker.com paul

    find Kayden full library at: http://wetmaker.com/stars/kayden-kross

  • http://www.sex.com/news/ Chico Dusty

    Ok guys. You start pinning some Kayden Kross videos.

  • http://wetmaker.com paul
  • dilly

    you can never have too much kayden kross

  • eugene
  • http://logicversusemotion.blogspot.com Eroscott

    First, let me say this: She’s so hot and I’m so not.

    Then there’s this video which is like an interview but she deep throats another porn actor: http://www.xvideos.com/video1716465/kayden_kross._rehearsal_before_shooting.

    I think she should be babe of the year!

  • http://logicversusemotion.blogspot.com Eroscott

    Well that pretty much sucked.

  • http://wetmaker.com Nicole White

    Well you can find all subpage with her videos http://wetmaker.com/stars/kayden-kross . It’s my personal preference but I like her the most http://wetmaker.com/video/kayden-kross-does-it-alone#.UbWsaecW0ak

    What should we do to make her babe of the year? Is there any ranking?

  • http://www.sex.com/news/ Chico Dusty

    I suppose there could be a nomination / voting process at the end of the year. But for that to happen, y’all gotta participate more.

  • http://www.sex.com/news/ Chico Dusty

    Not my thing but thanks for sharing! Any Kayden is good Kayden.

  • http://www.sex.com/news/ Chico Dusty

    C’mon. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

  • http://logicversusemotion.blogspot.com Eroscott

    Just being honest CD. I’ll be 66 next month and while I’m in pretty good shape for my age–probably better than average–I’m not the handsome lady-killer of my 20’s and 30’s. :-) ;-) (And, no, I don’t take myself seriously…most of the time.)

  • http://wetmaker.com Nicole White

    Participate more means posting more content with kayden ?

  • http://www.sex.com/news/ Chico Dusty

    No, not necessarily. Recommending Babes for Babe of the Day. Commenting. You know, that sort of thing.

  • http://www.sex.com/news/ Chico Dusty


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