Keir Alexa Wohlman on Necker Island

I’m not exactly sure who Keir Alexa Wohlman is.  I did my research, so its not my fault!

There just isn’t much substantial information about this hottie who posed in yet another fashion/erotica/soft core porn photo shoot.  I do have to hand it to Treats Magazine, who continue to fight the good fight by incorporating a vast amount of nudity in all of their photo shoots.  Keep it up!

I do know that this photo shoot used Necker Island, which is one of the Virgin Islands, as its location. You know who owns Necker Island?  Sir Richard Branson.  Sir Richard Branson is one of the richest guys in the world, with his estimated net worth being 4.6 billion dollars.

Now, as, a rich successful billionaire playboy in training, I know that you have to be careful about your public image.  You’re always in the spotlight, always being scrutinized by the media and by that dastardly board of investors who are just always trying to knock you down a peg.  I’m glad that Sir Richard Branson is sticking both his middle fingers up to the stuffy bigwigs and allowing his island to be used by sexy models for naked photo shoots.

That’s how billionaires should use their power, for the good of mankind.  I suggest that Richard Branson extend his good will and throw a sick topless model/BBQ/kegger on his island and invite me. He should, in my humble opinion, be directing all of his vast resources towards furthering the fashion industry’s recent obsession with toplessness and partial nudity.  Just one man’s opinion.

Here are the photos of Keir Alexa Wohlman.  They make you want to take a tropical vacation, am I right?

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Published on: April 29, 2014

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