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Kelly Madison

Kelly Madison

Kelly Madison isn’t your typical porn star. Your typical porn star has fake DD breasts. Kelly Madison has all natural FF breasts (34FF to be exact). But it’s just not Kelly Madison’s massive, all-natural chest that makes her unique. She’s one of the most unique people in the porn industry today.

Not only did she get her start in 2003 when she was 36-years-old (11 years after her cousin Janine Lindemulder started in the porn industry), but she started by producing her own content with her 22-year-old boyfriend Ryan Madison.

Today, Kelly Madison is married to Ryan Madison and together they’re the masterminds behind,, and Juicy Entertainment.

How does Kelly Madison and her husband manage to direct and star in adult films, run an internet porn empire, and deal with massive breasts? Mrs. Madison was nice enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to tell us how she does it.

So without further ado, let’s get to the Kelly Madison interview: 

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This may seem like a stupid question, but I’m probably never going to speak to anyone with 34FF boobs, so I just have to go for it. What’s it like having boobs as big as yours?
Not stupid at all, it is really crazy having these huge boobs. They’ve grown to about a 34H so finding a good bra is close to impossible but the fans seem to like the bras on me where my breasts are bulging out. My husband sure likes those kinds of bras. Whenever I put on my 34H sports bra he gets a sad look on his face : (

You started doing porn much later than your average pornstar. When your husband Ryan suggested you model, were you apprehensive or were you ready show up your cousin, Janine Lindemulder?
I had no intentions on showing up anyone. I was reluctant in the beginning because I wasn’t your “typical” porn chick when I started at 33 back in 2001, I was a normal business woman with natural breasts, natural hair color and no tattoos. I just wanted to do an amateur website and keep a low profile and make some money and build an adult company alongside my husband. Now 12 years later I have established a name on the Internet and in the adult business with my production company and still got the boobs that are even bigger now, no tattoos but I did go blonde. Lucky for me I’m still sort of doing my own thing on my own terms and really just enjoying this great ride I’m on.

You and Ryan have been together since 1999. Not only are you both pornstars but there’s a significant age difference between you. Most people can’t even wrap their heads around pornstars in a relationship, nor can they understand a big age difference in relationships. How do you guys make it work?
We are still madly attracted to each other and he is my best friend. We are adult performer’s that only work for ourselves so we get to make the rules so that allows us to put the relationship first and the business second which is a luxury and to be quite honest, I’m a bit immature so the age difference doesn’t seem that drastic. I’m a big goofball. Sometimes it feels like he’s the older one!

Kelly Madison watching porn at home with her husband Ryan:

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When did you realize that had become a staple or a trusted brand name in the adult industry?
The success of that site really hit us in 2006 – 2007. We felt a responsibility to the member’s to give them the best product we could make. It was pretty successful right off the bat when we launched in 2004 but by 2006 the joins and the member retention was awesome. It’s popularity and dedicated fans got us through the lean years of 2009 – 2011 and is now I’m proud to say that it is more popular than ever. We are thankful each day that people still want to see us have sex.

Last month you finished your 500th 3 part episode for Porn Fidelity, how did you celebrate that milestone?
We worked harder and longer on that 500th 3 part series than we had ever before. When we finally finished we were so exhausted that it took us a few weeks to recover. We just went on vacation up in the mountains to finally reward ourselves for all the hard work. Now it’s back to work on making sure that episode number 504 and on are the best productions we are capable of making. Our fans deserve that and more.

For the 500th episode spectacular, you had an 8-some. How difficult was it to light, block and shoot 8 different people all having sex at the same time?
Not hard, just get together 7 sexy girls that all get along with each other and who are super horny and one lucky guy and say “Action!” and keep the cameras rolling. The hard part was all done ahead of time with buying the right lighting equipment and testing out all the shots. We spent several weeks ahead of time putting together the sets and the lighting and testing the equipment because we wanted the sex to be real and organic, not staged.

Pornfidelity Orgy Party

Pornfidelity Orgy Party

Most people know you and Ryan as fun-loving swingers. How did “Get My Belt“, a gritty BDSM art porn movie get made?
Ryan had a vision and wanted to push himself creatively, physically, emotionally and mentally. He became a sort of evil mastermind character and created these 4 unbelievably intense scenes. He worked with great girls who brought their A game to the table as well. It was a wonderful collaboration of Ryan, the talent, our crew and myself to make it as artsy as we could. The harshness of the sex was offset by the artistry and cinematography. Ryan wanted to push the envelope but make it a beautiful experience as well. He did a fantastic job if I do say so.

What do you prefer doing: being in front of the camera, being behind the camera, or running an entertainment empire?
I love love love the prep work. I do all the budgeting and finances, the props, costumes, building the sets, and finding locations along with my team and I enjoy that work the most. Even as a child I liked setting up Barbie’s house and doing her wardrobe better than I liked actually playing with the doll itself, that’s where Ryan comes in, he plays well with the dolls : )

How does the rest of 2013 look for the Madisons?
Fabulous. We did a production for Brazzers that I starred and directed and produced that was a big project and it felt great to finally finish it, then we did the 500th extravaganza and are releasing that DVD soon along with our other DVD releases for 2013 and we are going to  finish out the year enjoying all that success and making the best porn we are humanly capable of.

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