You Know Who Else Hates Belle Knox? Other Pornstars.


Belle Knox

Belle Knox, the Duke University porn star that suddenly became the face of the adult industry, may have offended more than just the sexophobic, stuck-up nerds at Duke and all over America. She has also managed to piss off the industry she represents as new allegations show that she’s not the enthusiastic porn star she claims to be. 

For proof that Belle Knox has pissed off the porn industry, just look at what porn stars Dana DeArmond, Jenna J Ross, and Bonnie Rotten have been tweeting about the infamous Duke University porn star:

bonnie-rotten-twitter dana-dearmond-twitter jenna-j-ross-twitter

On top of those frustrated tweets, in a recent article for Short and Sweet NYC, porn star Belle Noir wrote that though Belle Knox has described her participation in porn shoots with enthusiasm to mainstream media, the reality is that Belle Knox isn’t as free or empowered as she says she is.

“This week after her Piers Morgan interview, Knox cried on set when she found out her scene partner was ‘so disgusting and too old’ for her tastes,” alleged Belle Noire, saying that Belle Knox feared that “her friends in school would make fun of her if she worked with this person.” Even though she had approved the “old” and “disgusting” male performer days earlier.

Belle Noire also alleged that Belle Knox refused to perform a scene in which she and another woman perform oral sex on a male performer, because she worried that she would share the other woman’s saliva…

…Right…That’s the strangest thing I’ve ever heard. She didn’t seem too concerned about swapping saliva with another woman when she shot this lesbian sex scene with Jenna J Ross:

Belle Noir also said that Belle Knox is far from unique, stating, “I can name about 20 male and female performers in college right now. Is she so special?”

Well, yes she is special because she’s the only college student-pornstar that sparked a controversy. And instead of running from the controversy, she faced it head on and became a superstar overnight.

So by in large, it sounds like Belle Knox isn’t being honest about loving her double life as a pornstar. But the ultimately, it’s good for business. People know who Belle Knox is. They want to watch her videos and see her pictures because she’s on  The View and talking to Piers Morgan. The more mainstream coverage Belle Knox gets by acting like the face of the adult industry will make her more in-demand, and she’ll be able to charge more per scene.

And if there’s one thing we know about Belle Knox, it’s that she’s in it for the money. Don’t be surprised that once she’s paid off all her tuition bills that she moves on from the porn industry in a hurry. Because although she’s probably making a bit more money thanks to the controversy, she’s also managed to piss a lot of people off.

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