Kobe Cheating?

Kobe and Vanessa

Kobe and Vanessa are in trouble again!

First there was that incident in 2003 where Kobe was accused of sexual assault for sleeping with a 19 year old hotel staff member in a Colorado. Then she filed for divorce earlier this year, which didn’t go through probably as a consolation for losing in the second round of the NBA playoffs.

So what did Black Mamba do get in trouble with his woman again?

TMZ has “supplied” this blog with photographic evidence of what went down:

Kobe speaks to two fans in a night club

Kobe shirtless in hotel room with blurry babes

Kobe looks out the window, still shirtless, with babes

Sources say that photo number 1 is an autograph signing at an event for Team USA in Barcelona. Sources also say that the blurry babes were with their significant others (one husband, one boyfriend) and that Kobe is shirtless because someone spilled a drink on him.

So there’s Kobe’s side of the story. Vanessa is reportedly furious and embarrassed. But here’s the catch, not because she thinks he cheated. She’s mad that he would put himself in this situation.

Have to admire TMZ making a newsworthy story out of nothing. Kobe’s a superstar, people want to party with him. It’s apart of his job description. Given the opportunity I would try to pour a drink all over Kobe because I’m a Clippers fan. And Vanessa is mad but not really. I got all worked up for nothing. This post is just an afterthought of a hot, TMZ fart.

Sorry, it’s Monday. I’ll have something good tomorrow.

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Published on: July 30, 2012

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