Leanna Decker Calls The Shots


Leanna Decker

This fall has been a real pain in the butt because I’m a New York Jets fan. The only week of football I’m actually looking forward to is Week 10 because the Jets have a bye. I get to take a much deserved break from watching the Jets get pummelled by everyone and anyone.

Because the New York Jets aren’t doing me any favors, I’d like to thank Leanna Decker, that busty, redhead Playboy model for donning a sexy referee uniform and playing with the pigskin. She’s made me realize that football isn’t all about suffering. It’s also about busty redheads named Leanna Decker.



Other than the New York Jets, the referees are usually the worst part of football. But with Leanna Decker making the calls, I’m totally down with whatever she sees.

Dear NFL,

If the referees get locked out again, please get Leanna Decker and other busty redheads to fill in. Everyone would be much happier.

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Published on: October 28, 2013

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