Lelo Alia – Sex Toy Review

When people say, “Lelo makes sex toys,” I can’t help but cringe a little bit.

Yes, Lelo does make sex toys but that’s a massive understatement. Their commitment to design, innovation, and quality set Lelo products apart from any other sex toys or accessories.

Sex toys generally have a seedy connotation because most of the time we’re referring to silicone phalluses that can be scarier than sexy. Not Lelo though. Lelo sex toys are as elegant as they are pleasurable.

Case in point: The Lelo Alia

Lelo Alia

The Alia

The Lelo Alia is a personal massager perfect for solo sessions or couples looking to spice up their sex lives.

Though the Lelo Alia can fit in the palm of your hand and it’s nearly silent when it’s on, you’ll be amazed how powerful this little vibrator is when you move its smooth outer shell over your skin (or your partner’s skin).

But don’t take my word for it!

We got a young lady by the name of Claudia M. to try the Lelo Alia and here’s what she had to say:

First and foremost I have to say that Lelo has done a great job not only with the product but with packaging, This is like buying an iPhone and being in awe of the box and the way the iPhone fits snuggly and is displayed when you open it. What struck me first was that Alia is a “premium external massager” and not a vibrator.

My Alia was black with a chrome ring to insert your fingers and hold it in the right spot. I tried Alia alone one afternoon and discovered why Lelo is so “special”. First, say goodbye to batteries since Alia is rechargeable and water resistant.

I tried it lying on my bed and quickly learned how to operate the 3 little buttons to set the type of vibrations and intensity. I reached orgasm within 2 minutes of starting to play with it and then decided to take it in the shower where the water resistant design came real handy. I found the ring-design to be great in the shower to hold it without any fear of my new friend slipping with the water running. The size is great if you are like me and enjoy clitoral stimulation.

My boyfriend showed up that night at 7:00; went to change in the bedroom and found Alia on our night table. He came back in the kitchen with the biggest smirk holding it like a big ring on his forefinger wondering about this new little gadget that his friend from sex.com had brought like Santa the night before! So yeah we tried it together that night and he was even more excited than I was at playing with it. He even suggested using it on our morning commute the next day. I wouldn’t drink and drive but nobody talked about no masturbation while driving!

I guess I love Alia for the same reasons as thousands of girls around the world. The soft silicon, super long battery life, water-proof features and ring-design so comfortable that a girl might just want one of those rings instead of a diamond…you only wish guys! Lelo is also so quiet that you can barely hear it which is great to use anywhere…

But seriously Claudia, masturbating and driving is extremely dangerous. You will want to take your Lelo Alia everywhere, but try not to because it won’t be as special when you do use it (which will be once a day anyways).

If the Lelo Alia sounds like the perfect thing for you or your partner, why not splurge on one?

They’re $119 and you can buy one right now by clicking here: Alia

Your sex life will thank you for getting one.

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Published on: August 22, 2013

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