Lelo Tor II Winner!

Lelo Tor 2

We have a winner!

We have a winner for our Lelo Tor II giveaway!

Congratulations loyal Sex.com user Indyscott53! You win!

Why did Indyscott53 win? Well, he simply had the best reason for wanting the Tor II.

Here’s why he wanted the Tor II:

Chico, my wife just got the good news that she won’t need chemo or radiation. 

The double mastectomy surgery got all the cancer,  and the cancer cells were not an aggressive type. She still needs some more reconstructive surgery,  but we are looking forward to a new normal soon. She’ll have hormone therapy to reduce her estrogen which is going to inhibit her sex drive.

I’m a bit older and already have erection issues, but we’ve both enjoyed as much sex together as life will allow. I’ve used some devices to improve my erection and also just some things for her, so we’re used to some toys in bed.

The Lelo II looks like a very nice and useful item to be able to use to add some variety and pleasure to our relationship.  If we win this little contest I assure you that I’ll make sure it gets put to lots of good use. Thank you for making sex.com such a great place for a guy who needs a little additional outlet for sex. Aren’t women GREAT! I know you agree. 

I do agree. Women are great!

The way I see it, IndyScott53‘s wife just beat cancer, but to do it she had to sacrifice a part of her femininity. So if he can use the Tor II to help her feel good and like a sexy woman again with mind-blowing orgasms, I’m more than happy to help them out.

IndyScott53, I hope you and your wife are happy, healthy, and that you will put the Tor II to good use.

I’d also like to thank everyone who entered the contest for entering. You all deserve a Tor II, but unfortunately I only have one to give away.

You can always get a Tor II and plenty of other awesome sex accessories here: LELO

I’d also like to apologize to fellow sex-blogger Emja. I know you wanted me to use the Tor II on you and I wanted to use it on you too. But I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for mind-blowing orgasms from my soft, beautiful hands instead and not a high-tech cock ring.

There might be another Lelo giveaway coming soon, so please check back for that.

In the meantime, congratulations IndyScott53!

Ok. Got to go put this bad boy in the mail:


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  • Indyscott

    Oh my gosh! Great news! Thank you, Chico.

    What can say, but I’m really looking forward to trying the Lelo Tor II out. It looks like it can take a good pounding and still be ready for more. I’m going to give it a serious test.