Lesbian sex in jail cell gets RCMP in trouble

Jail is a great place to meet a partner

What prompted an investigation into the Kamloops RCMP, which determined four officers and three civilian guards acted “unreasonable” and “demonstrated a complete lack of professionalism?”

Would you believe that it was their reactions to two female prisoners having sex in a jail-cell? Yes, for the second time this week we have a classic male (and perhaps female as well) fantasy that comes true with consequence.

In August 2010, two women were being held in the drunk tank when the officers and guards allegedly watched them have sex on the security cameras. They were arrested separately but they were able to connect because they had intoxication in common.

Unfortunately, the people watching didn’t realize that they were on camera also.

Based on the footage of the guard room, the seven of them were watching for the entire 10 minutes*. Of course, they made no effort to intervene. They did, however, laugh, call to their colleagues, and make blue comments.

“This voyeurism not only offended the spirit of the (closed-circuit monitoring) policy, but was inconsistent with the RCMP’s core values. In this regard, I find that the members’ conduct in this instance demonstrated a lack of professionalism and respect…These lapses were not merely personal failures but had the potential of damaging the reputation of the RCMP both locally and nationally,” the report said.

One could argue that the “voyeurs” abused their CCTV privilege to watch the super hot jail sex between two drunk chicks but the shock is too hard to overcome. Car crashes, train wrecks, and inadvertent live sex shows are the only three things that no one can look away from. It is scientifically impossible to pull your eyes away from something like that especially when you consider how dull the night-shift at the Kamloops RCMP station could be.

The only thing they shouldn’t have done was make crass comments. You have to appreciate the live sex, not belittle it. Their other mistake was somehow letting the Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver find out about the incident.


*Only 10 minutes?

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Published on: August 30, 2012

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  • Jeff

    Where is the video?!?

  • http://www.sex.com Chico Dusty

    Unfortunately, the footage is in the custody of the RCMP. We’ll be working day and night lobbying them to release it on Sex.com

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  • http://www.sex.com Chico Dusty

    Everything this man says is true.